[Chart] Cyworld Song of the Month: 2010 October

November 2, 2010

Cyworld proclaims Supreme Team number 1 for the month of October. I’m not really familiar with Supreme Team so I don’t really know what to say. Like the song though, but not really crazy about it.

Anyway there few things I noticed in this month’s Cyworld Song of the Month. For one thing, 2AM is already in the Top 20 though they just recently released their songs. Not really surprising though. 2 Years ago, Wonder Girls released “Nobody” a week before the end of September and yet they won September’s Song of the Month.

Also, 2PM is nowhere to be seen in the charts. Their “I’ll Be Back” song is ranked 31 on October. And I don’t think it would go higher since 2AM and SNSD will start dominating the charts soon. Actually, they have already. Weird though, cause 2PM won a lot of Music Show awards and not just Music Bank. You’d think at least they should be on the Top 20. I’ll be scared if I’m 2PM. This is their lowest ranking ever since they became popular with Again and Again. Miss A and the newly released songs from SNSD and 2AM even ranked higher than them.

Lastly, the elderly of Family Outing is still charting. I love Family Outing. The original one. And I love the members. Yoon Jong Shin, Fighting!

01 Supreme Team feat. Young Jun – Then Then Then
02 Kang Seung Yoon feat. Swings – 본능적으로
03 Gummy – I Love You Even If I Die
04 Sung Si Kyung & IU – It’s You
05 Miss A – Breathe
06 Far*East Movement – Like A G6 (Feat. The Cataracs & Dev)
07 2NE1 – Go Away
08 Gain – Irreversible
09 SHINee – Hello
10 Yolanda Be Cool, D Cup – We No Speak Americano (Radio Edit)
11 Yoon Jong Shin (Rap Feat. Swings) – 본능적으로
12 BEAST – Breath
13 Im Jung Hee – It Can’t Be Real
14 2AM – You wouldn’t Answer My Calls
15 Yang Jung Seung – Stars of the Night
16 Zia & 4Men – Crying, Calling
17 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
18 Seo Young Eun – Melting Heart
19 2NE1 – Slow
20 Hwayobi – Girl Like Me



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