Dance Versions Part 1

November 4, 2010

To make an inform decision for my farewell project, I bring you the latest dance versions of your favorite KPOP idols. Choose your pic. By the way, when I say dance version, I meant dance versions. Not dance cut clips taken in their MV. It has to be continuous. So without further ado. I bring you, SM artists.

Super Junior’s “It’s You”

SNSD’s “Oh”

SHINee’s “Lucifer”

Sorry if the dance vids I’ll post are not everyone in the list. Not all did a dance version of their songs. And, I’ll say it again. Put your bias aside when deciding. We all want our idols to be on top, but we have to be impartial to get a genuine Top Ten. If you can’t help being bias or anti of a group, don’t include them in your analysis. Next group will be posted really quick.


DBSK’s “Mirotic”




  1. Do post if you can find dance versions of DBSK and f(x).

  2. SHINee is really good. Just wish they didn’t change the choreo.This routine is perfect as it is.

  3. DBSK FTW.

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