Is 2AM part of JYPE?

November 13, 2010

With the recent news on the supposed JYPE artist’s concerts, it makes me wonder if 2AM is really part of JYPE? When Wonder Girls has their first concert, 2AM came to support them. Same goes with 2PM in their concert. But now that 2AM is having their first concert, the JYPE family is having one also at the same time. So technically both JYP and 2AM are competing to get people on their concert.

According to wikipedia, JYP artists are Wonder Girls, Joo, and 2PM only. Yes, no 2AM and Miss A. According to wikipedia, Miss A is with AQ Entertainment and 2AM is with Big Hit Entertainment along with 8eight. A friend of mine that this is nothing I should bother myself because their sister companies but, Cube Entertainment is also supposed to be JYPE’s “sister” company. Does that mean 4minute, BEAST and G.NA are JYPE? But why was their ever any reference of Cube Entertainment as JYP?

Going back to 2AM, I think Jo Kwon is feeling hurt by this. I just think so. It does seem like JYP abandoned them. And to think that 2AM was bigger than 2PM this year.



  1. 2AM is part of JYPE but also co-managed by Big Hit,just how Miss A is co-managed by AQ and Wonder Girls by Rainstone. more likely, they are the moving group of JYPE. they debuted under Cube, moved to JYPE during their 1st comeback then to BigHit in their 2 previous comebacks.
    i don’t think JYPE abandoned them. just that 2AM made it big under the present company they’re in now. prolly the management thought that BigHit produces better music for 2AM, as i also i think it is.why would they be the opening act for some of WG’s US tours? and be part of the upcoming JYPNation christmas album?
    the only reason i can think of why the concerts are held at the same time is because it’s the only holiday where the others could be free(i guess). Miss A will be in China soon, 2PM in Japan and WG in the U.S. for sure JYPE is considering 2AM and also vice versa.T.N this is the group’s first concert so they are much looking forward to it. it would be best if 2AM joins Teamplay but yeah, they do have one to make to. but who knows there’ll be some changes of plans(which i really am hoping for)..

  2. It’s a conflict of schedules for 2AM. Well-coordinated or not, their own concert was formally announced before JYP Nation’s.
    BIG HIT & AQ ENT are under JYPE. The former is more of a boutique company for music producer Bang Si-Hyuk. 2AM, 8eight, Lee Hyun &, recently, J-Lim recorded his songs.
    With AQ ENT, my guess is its artistes may eventually aim more at Korea-China, once a suitable head is found/promoted.
    As far as I know, CUBE ENT is co-owned by JYP (investor) but, regardless of what wiki said, isn’t a JYPE subsidiary (i.e. does not report to Jung Wook). Instead, Hong Seungsung has carte blanche powers & is very hands-on. By successfully entering Taiwan & Japan on their own, the old impression that CUBE was to be a boutique company for producers Shinsadong Tiger & Lee Sang Ho doesn’t hold true anymore either.
    I heard 2PM is also eyeing Japan now, which is interesting, artiste management-wise. Quite bumpy & irregular results for JYPE/JYP over the years: Rain, Min, G-Soul, J-Lim in USA; WG (early days), JYP Sisters, Liu Xin in China. Might be wiser to delegate or farm out 2PM.

    • also heard they’re planning to station their own company in Japan. 2PM’s Japan activities will be co-managed by a Sony subsidiary and JYPE Japan.

  3. 2AM is still part of JYP (same with miss A) but JYP’s not as involved with their stuff compared to 2PM or miss A. He doesn’t write their title songs or much of their album songs. Which is a good thing considering their tracks this year have been amazing and they’ve all been written by the producer in Big Hit Ent. (He also wrote Homme’s I Was Able to Eat Well).

    • their title tracks*

    • oh, i remember when 2AM went to China to officially introduce JYP SISTERS.

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