10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – 4minute and Secret

November 14, 2010

As the title said, 4minute and Secret are not part of the 10 Most Talented Idol Groups. To some of you it is a shocker but I know some saw this coming already. I’ll be brutally honest in this post. I’ve always wanted to say this but too afraid of the backlash from their fans. I don’t want to be shenyuepop.com version2. But since I’m leaving soon, I think it won’t matter anymore what they think.

Of all the establish groups, I think 4minute is at the bottom. I mean I think they should have waited a few months or years training before they debuted. No offense, it’s just the truth. Jiyoon, Gayoon and even HyunA are ok, but the leader and the maknae are just too amateurish. I think Soyou of Sistar that supposed to be part of 4minute should have been part of the group instead of SoHyun and JiHyun.

I know I’m being harsh but I think there is truth to what I’m saying. What put 4minute in the map, is their songs. It has always been their songs. And I congratulate Cube Entertainment for picking amazing songs. In terms of choreography, they haven’t really made waves unlike the rest of the female groups. Again, I’m not saying 4minute sucks. I actually have high respects for Gayoon and Jiyoon but I just think JiHyun and SoHyun can’t keep up. In my opinion, HyunA, Jiyoon, and Gayoon are ok. With just these 3 to be 4minute, I think the group would be on top, but adding JiHyun and SoHyun, I think it degrades the performance of the 3 I mentioned.

Now with regards with Secret, I think they are an ok group. They can sing, and their rapper if good too. But there’s something missing. Do you ever went to a singing competition and have this contestant sing a Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston but you find yourself bored? That’s what Secret is. I mean, they can sing, but you will find yourself watching. Only watching. You know what I mean? I’m sorry, it seems like I can’t put it into words. You’ll get what I mean of you watch their debut song. There’s just something missing.

Anyway, that’s that. 2 gone and 20 remains in the hopes to be part of the “Ten Most talented Idol Groups”.
01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) B2ST
06.) Big Bang
07.) DBSK
08.) f(x)
09.) g.o.d
10.) Infinite
11.) MBLAQ
12.) Miss A
13.) SHINee
14.) Sistar
15.) SNSD
16.) SS501
17.) Super Junior
18.) Teen Top
19.) U-Kiss
20.) Wonder Girls

Just have to say this. It seems like the boy groups are outmatching the girl groups. There is this big possibility that no girl group will be on the top 10. We are talking about here group performance and not individual talent.



  1. are you sure? i’m not agree why must after school on the list?

  2. Group performance? Why don’t you just put SHINee at the top and then throw in some of the others?

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