Lip-Synching again?

November 14, 2010

I just saw the “SBS’s 20th Anniversary Special” performances and was a bit sad that all of the performance were lip-synched. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you’d probably know by now how much I disrespect lip-synched performances. No matter the reason is, they are singers. They are trained to sing live. A semi-faulty live performance will always be bearable than a lip-synched one.

I don’t know what happened to Korea lately. Before, specials like this gets singers to sing songs live. Even if it’s not their songs. Here’s some example.

Big Bang’s cover of H.O.T’s “Candy”

Wonder Girls’ cover of Rain’s “Instead Of Saying Goodbye”

SHINee’s cover of H.O.T’s “We are the Future”

2PM’s cover of g.o.d.’s “Friday Night”

I hope they would start to bring back quality performances. I stand with my belief. A crappy live performance will always be better than a lip-sync one. If the companies are afraid their artist will screw up, then they should tell them to practice more than dwell them in the embarassing situation of lip-synching.




  1. I think the same. If you’re a singer, then sing, if you can’t don’t be a singer! I bet there are plenty of talented singers in korea, so let them sing and don’t always show idols who can’t even sing properly! with a few expetions such as Big bang, DBSK, 2ne1 (dara is quetionble tough), 2am

    • I agree with you. It’s either take the singing lessons to improve the singing or forget being a singer if they think lip syncing their way to fame is a guarantee to everything. Lip syncing is considered as bad as cheating and I do not condone it.

  2. ^ excuse me, i just woke up, and i’m a bit sleepy, i dunno if i read your comment right. you said it is questionable if DARA sings live? let me tell you, SHE DOES, and i have never, not once seen 2ne1 lipsync, not even one member even if they are sick. she may not be the best singer but she sings live. i can always hear her catching her breath too. haha!

    anyway… back to the point. yah, its sad what the industry has become. they lipsync; and sometime stheir excuse is because 1 member is sick. blah blah.; they cancel performances because of a broken thumb as if it will affect their singing. i mean, cmon, they cannot fool everyone.

    • I don’t mean that they are lypsync, but just as you say, she isn’t as good as the rest of them. I’m a big fan of 2ne1 mostly because they always sings live^^

  3. well, it’s not that I’m disagree with u. it just sometime they’re unable to sing live although they want to do it. sometime the PD or staff of the program didn’t allow them to do it coz of some reason. so, it’s not always the singers fault, you know.

    • I agree with Sarah since every single of them lip synced. I think the reason was that they sang the songs back to back and the time frame for each performance was pretty tight. The PD probably wanted the performance to flow more smoothly since it was the SBS anniversary show

      • That’s not an excuse though.A lot of performances have been life even though the flow is continuous. Here’s an example.

  4. Excellent post, fellow blogger. If a music industry encourages lip syncing than this is already as bad as encouraging people to lie on a test. Lip syncing is a mockery to talented musicians who can truly sing their hearts out. If a person can really sing, go for it. But if he can’t sing and decides to lip sync all the way, well, shame on him!

  5. i know im kinda late but im wondering if the bigbang performance is actually called lip syncing?
    like i’ve noticed this a couple of times already when i watch Bigbang live, YG plays the original song in the background and gets their artists to sing over it. and sometimes 2ne1 or bigbang get tired from their choreography so they stop singing for a little part and the background music covers it up. so im wondering if it’s called lip syncing?
    sorry im really tired and i don’t wnat to proofread what i just wrote. lool

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