Routine of Even Number Groups

November 20, 2010

I was watching Music Core this afternoon and I couldn’t help but notice the imbalance in the routine of SNSD. I read in allkpop that Tiffany of SNSD will be halting promotions because of some injury. I didn’t really bother to know what kind of injury though.

A routine with an even number of members doesn’t really look good. It’s either the routine will not look balance because one side will have more members than the other side, or someone will be hidden from view to keep the formation balance. A lot of groups actually suffer from this. I don’t know if their fans mind but I do.

Some of these groups that adopt the “member hidden to keep formation balance” philosophy are After School and 2pm. Remember After School’s “Bang” promotion. You can barely see UEE though the routine looks spot on. With 2PM, after Jaebeom withdrawal, the group also adopted the philosophy. One member is always hidden from view to keep the routine balance.

The other philosophy is the “show all member though formation looks imbalance”. I think the only groups that can make this work, are the 4 member groups like 2NE1 and Miss A. Anything greater than that will make the routine messy.

I don’t know if this article actually have sense to you. I just want to say that even number groups kinda have to suffer their routines. I mean any routine is best performed by odd number groups. Just look at SHINee and Wonder Girls. Maybe that’s why Seongyeol of Infinite was accepted in the group. Just some thoughts. To some of you who didn’t know. Seongyeol of Infinite was the last member to enter the group. And I mean he joined the group really really late. From his interviews, he had to work so hard to catch up. That gave me the impression that Infinite was supposed to be a 6-member group but since Infinite is projected to be this amazing dance group, they have to recruit another one to not let the routine be messy. So maybe that’s why he doesn’t have that much lines. Again, these are mere deductions of mine.


One comment

  1. Sungyoel was entered late but he joined with sungjong ( if I’m not wrong) infinite was supposed to be a five members grp

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