10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – Teen Top, Miss A, Sistar, Super Junior & SS501

November 21, 2010

I can’t believe December is just around the corner and that 2011 is just a little over that. I’m really gonna miss this blog, but its something that must be done. Life is calling.

As you all know, I’m doing a project in line with my permanent departure to Kpop. The “10 Most Talented Idol Group.” And as the title of this post states, Teen Top, Miss A, Sistar, Super Junior and SS501 are not part of the elite 10. Before I go on, I know a lot will react. I kinda expected it since its SuJu and SS501. I crunched the numbers and this is what it showed.

Just a reminder, the project judges idol groups as “groups”. The over-all performance of the group. Even if the group has the best dancer, vocal, rapper in the industry, that person will be pulled down if the idol’s members cannot keep up. Or the performance will be in shambles because of the obvious talent imbalance. Another thing, this project doesn’t care if one or two members sings just one or two lines. The important thing is the quality of the performance.

Teen Top is actually good. They might even be the future superstar of Kpop. But I have a bit comment with Niel. I don’t know if its puberty but Niel’s voice has this tendency to be annoying at certain notes just like SNSD’s Jessica. Actually not annoying, but it feels like something is wrong. Also, CAP should really start conveying a new image. He’s not actually known as CAP but Taecyeon 2.0 which I think is a bad thing. A copy will always be scrutinize and also that Taecyeon is the most hated idol right now.

Though Teen Top has this overwhelming potential, they really don’t have an identity. The same thing that B2ST is facing. I mean what is Teen Top? Hip Hop? Rap? Beastly? It’s ok to have a wide variety of genre as long as you have direction. They’re just too much going on. I think this actually hurt them. It’s making them look mediocre. Teen Top seems to be more popular than Infinite but Infinite’s songs are more well known. So to put it simply, Teen Top’s popularity cannot be attributed to them being singers.

Miss A is another rookie that surprises everyone. I’m a fan of them. And they do bring spice to Kpop. But I think they’re a bit overrated. I can categorize Miss A as dancers. They’re very spot on in their choreography but they haven’t really proven anything in terms of vocals. I know Miss A fans will say “hey, listen to this member singing this song and you’ll be proven wrong”. But you have to realize that people not into certain groups won’t actually give time to research on those groups that do not catch their fancy. They will be judge with what they promote.

But saying that, I think Miss A will be one of the next best things in Kpop. To you guys, watch out for Infinite, Teen Top, Sistar and Miss A. These four groups will become somebody someday. They have the talent and discipline (cough Sulli cough Krystal) to actually be big.

I eliminated Sistar because they are not as explosive as the remaining groups. Well, not yet. Explosive in a sense that you want to see more. Sistar definitely can compete talent-wise with the remaining idols. I think they can even beat some if you measure talent. But what Sistar lacks so much is confidence. There are few groups out there that has too much confidence and do better than Sistar, though have less talent, because of that confidence. Confidence brings out charisma. And a charismatic group makes any performance worthwhile.

SS501 is a group that can sing. I think they’re as good as DBSK in terms of vocals but like Sistar, they seem to lack this charisma to push them even further. To people who are into Kpop as long as I have, I think you would agree that Kim Hyun Joong is SS501. The other members just don’t have that X-factor to propel the group on their own. So it wasn’t that surprising that the group disbanded when Kim Hyun Joong decided to leave.

Now here’s the tricky part. Super Junior. ELFs, please be open-minded. Super Junior got to where they are now, not because of what they can do but what they are. SuJu is the epitome of variety idols. As a group, talent-wise, they’re ok. Come on ELFs, I think you will agree that there are groups there that can perform better than SuJu. But what catapulted these guys to fame is their personality. They were able to make the audience relate to them thus making it the fans feel like the boys are their friends.

But saying this, I don’t think SuJu is one of the elite 10. They’re popular yes, but I don’t think they are that talented as a whole group. Yes, they have the vocals of Kyu Hyun and Ryeowook and the rapping ability of Eunhyuk. But as a group, I don’t think they can match the remaining groups. Charisma is an added factor but not the main factor.

5 are gone and only 15 remains in the hope to be part of the “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”.

01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) B2ST
06.) Big Bang
07.) DBSK
08.) f(x)
09.) g.o.d
10.) Infinite
11.) MBLAQ
12.) SHINee
13.) SNSD
14.) U-Kiss
15.) Wonder Girls

I’ll leave you with my favorite performance from each group.

Teen Top – Sunset Glow

Miss A – Poker Face

Sistar – Push Push

SS501 – Love Like This

Super Junior – U





  1. you know, i kind of agree with your point on Miss A. it’s the same way as how i feel with SNSD. i like them but they do not yet have a song that will make me love them, because just like your point, their vocals aren’t clearly given justice with the songs that they are releasing. coz for sure, they have wonderful songs that showcases it, but for non fans, we won’t go as far as digging these “so called hidden gems”

  2. i’m not surprised at all.though i also look-up on Miss A, i admit there are rooms needed for improvement. they just came out and they still have more to offer and show..
    no questions on SS501 and Super junior :D. i only eye Kyuhyun,Yesung,Donghae and Eunhyuk. no doubt on what they give to the group.
    so i’m guessing you’ll eliminate another 5? my takes are: UKISS, MBLAQ, F(X), INFINITE, and SNSD perhaps..

    • whoa.. good thing i’m not the only one who finds Jessica’s voice annoying.

  3. I also agree. I think that teen top, sistar and miss a have potential, but they aren’t the top at the moment. I fully agree on super junio, yes they have a few good singers, rapper/dancer, but they are more well known because of their humor on shows then their potential in singing.
    I guess UKISS, MBLAQ, F(X), INFINITE, and SNSD are next if you look at the others still on the list;)

    • whoa!same takes on the 5 groups ^^

  4. I’m a big fan of Jessica SNSD. And it is undeniable that Jessica voice CAN BE annoying to certain people who cant accept her light / sweet / high pitch voice.

    As for me, her voice is more suitable for ballad. Like Mistake, Only One For Me & Bcuz I’m a girl (MY FAV). There’s no that ‘annoying’ voice at all. And songs like Tik Tok by Kesha / Kiss Me / Hero.

    For song like HOOT, it is a bit annoying / squeaky and yeah, BARBIE doll song! That was truly annoying. =.=”

    She was trained for almost 7 years before debuted and it is quite dissapointing that she sometimes cant stabilize her voice and control her thin voice when it’s necessary (cuz her thin voice is really unique and till now no one that I knew has that kind of voice) BUT she definitely will remain as my favorite KPOP idol/bias. =)

    BTW, about Jessica voice, I think it more on preference, like not everyone can accept SOPRANO voice. I like the fact that Jessica voice is so distinct and I will be able to recognize it straight away. 😉

    Here’s a vid if you want to take a look at Jessica voice again rather than judging her voice based on SNSD hits songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVzCHSUH2KM

  5. I have no comment about other groups. As for SS501, I have to admit, I knew this group thru Kim Hyun Joong, but the things which made me interest to SS501 are their musics, also their member. I can say they’re talented or perhaps multi-talented? They can sing, dance, act, compose, and open business. I want to correct your comment ‘the group disbanded when Kim Hyun Joong decided to leave’. Actually they don’t disband. Sorry, maybe you don’t follow their news, so u don’t know much about them. They follow Shinhwa’s step, thou every member signed with different agencies, but they remain as a group. Kim Hyun Joong is their leader, so he has to lead, that’s why he’s the one who signed with KeyEast, followed by Kim Hyung Jun signed with S-Plus Ent., Park JungMin with CNR, Kim KyuJong & Heo YoungSaeng signed with the same agency as Lee HyoRi, B2M Ent. Tbeir agents will give fully support to their group activities in the future, so just wait their comeback meanwhile each member is doing solo activities in drama, musical and album.

  6. Ohmyfreakingmama,I’m so sorry to be so agitated, but for your comment about SS501.. That is just so wrong… Its not their elimination that got me upset, its the last sentence! SS501 did not disband, they’re just inactive as a group! They WILL comeback, m’dear. They’re just simply in different agencies, and before they signed their new contracts, they had made sure that SS501 activities will still be their top priority! And DSP had stated that they would be supporting them either directly or indirectly.. The members are currently busy with their solo activities, and they’ve mentioned that they’ll reunite when their solo activities end. This is just a period of time whereby they ‘separate’ and mature more before they return as a stronger and better group! (:
    Sorry if I sound very pissed off. No offense intended(:

  7. “So it wasn’t that surprising that the group disbanded when Kim Hyun Joong decided to leave.” I hope you won’t mind if I comment on this sentence a little. Admittedly, SS501 gained much popularity through HJL and BOF, but the others are also talented, just not as outstanding. Their rise in popularity could be due to the drama’s high ratings, but it was also due to the OST which rcvd lots of attention! And the OST was sung by the unit group of SS501, which did not include KimHyunJoong and ParkJungMin. So their rise in popularity was partly thanks to the other members too(:
    ANDD SS501 didn’t disband, HyunJoong didn’t leave the group!! There have been many mmany articles supporting that point already, so I won’t touch on that, but, do you really think that, as the leader of the band, HyunJoong would leave them for his own career just like that?? I don’t think so(: Up till now, at fan-signing events, he still signs his name w/ ‘SS501’! They’re 5 as 1 forever y’know(((:

  8. I frankly don’t agree with you. I didn’t know that the word “talent” was based on just singing. I know, Super Junior is the LEAST likely to be eliminated. You’re right. They are known for their AMAZING personality,and that’s what makes everyone like them so much. It shows that they are real and even on stage, they put on amazing performances despite their busy schedules. They know how to have fun and interact with their fans on stage. I rather much have them showcase their personality, than just their singing. Also,Super Junior isn’t just about their looks.EXCUSE YOU.ELFS don’t like them because of their looks. It’s also because of their dedication and care to other members.Some of the groups can’t even sing at all,but you people still like them for their looks. Hypocrite much? You’re just judging them based on what you favor, not on the actual talent they have.Excuse me, but this is just invalid.

    • personality doesn’t equal talent though

  9. Who are you to judge?
    Please don’t come up with such useless ranking. There’s a reason why a group will debut. The company won’t just debut a group with no talents and whatsnot.
    I’m so shocked when you eliminate Super Junior etc.
    You don’t even know much about them and you eliminate them?
    They are already considered as Legends alongside DBSK.
    They debut since 2005 and have experienced way more things than other new groups.
    Clearly you don’t know their talents.
    LT, EH, SD, Are expected to become the next generation of MC, the generation after KANG HO DONG. Other members like KH is gaining experience in MCing, and HC is well liked by variety shows for his humor and antics.
    Apparently all SJ members are good in variety shows. Read some news and watch some shows dude.
    KH,YS, and RW are known in the industry for their voices. Immortal song 2, etc song shows always features them. Singing not talent?
    EH, Is known as the dance machine, constantly proving to audience his dance skills. Dancing not talent?
    LT,SD,EH are in radio shows as DJ. They did so well on radio shows. No talent?
    Miss A. Considered the best dance girl group by several sites. Dancing not talent?
    SISTAR. Known for their powerful vocals, ESP hyorin. No talents?
    Please define your meaning of “Talents.” And make sure you obtain 200% of information before putting up any ranking charts.
    You apparently have not seen much of the music industry.
    And please indicte which group performs better than SUJU?
    SJ and DBSK are already legends. There’s
    No need to compare them as they are alr the best.
    And each group has their own talents so what is your purpose of ranking?
    And If you want, I can already name a few talentless groups in your so-called “Top 15 List”.

    • This is her blog, she can say whatever the hell she likes.

  10. Guess what are some of the things SUJU does?
    Modeling, MC, Singers, dancers, actors, comedians,Radio DJ,Composers, song writers, choreographer.
    You name it, they have it.
    They are the only group I know that has all the career I just listed.
    If they have no talents they wouldn’t be considered as the Godly KPOP group.
    Let me make a bet with you.
    Go Google search for “Top 10 most talented kpop groups”.
    In 9 out of 10 of those polls, Super junior would be named as top 5.
    Guess what?
    9181181919 other people apparently think differently from you.
    I advise you it’ll be wiser if you do a poll instead of pouring out your one-sided mind.
    The one that has no talent is apparently YOU.
    Excuse me? They are legends and you say they have no talents?
    If they have no talents they wouldn’t have so much accomplishments.
    Even if there’s a group with looks 100x better than super junior, they would never survive in the industry as long as suju.
    Instead of fearing of fans and explaining why the eliminated groups have no talents, why not explain why the top 15 are chosen?
    SNSD. seriously. Hahahahahha!
    The only super good in dancing is hyoyeon. Singing is taeyeon. The rest? For looks of course.
    Infinite? Fx? You are absurd. Suju has so much more talents than those groups and you eliminate them?

    • dummy
      I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care whether other people think differently or not
      I’d be flattered if I was her for different thinking
      Who cares about polls anyway? And she stated that as a group, they’re not talented enough.
      “I’m sorry for having an opinion, geez…”

  11. This is a really old post, but I felt the need to say about the ‘So it wasn’t that surprising that the group disbanded when Kim Hyun Joong decided to leave.”

    Cause it seems not clear for everyone, SS501 didn’t have a company when HyunJoong signed with KeyEast = SS501 were JOBLESS and NO company offered a single contract for them, so tecnically leader didn’t leave the group, though I don’t know if they will really come back someday :1

  12. Though this a quite old post, I felt the need to comment on the last few comments about Super Junior. I’m sorry, but I am really pissed off and disappointed. This article is based on what his beliefs in true talents are and what this person believes is the top talented groups. Why are you bashing on him because of his opinions? Someone said, quote, “Super Junior isn’t just about their looks.EXCUSEYOU.”. Um, excuse you. Where did you see that anywhere in the article? Someone also said that Super Junior are already legends and cannot compare to any other group. And then goes on to saying how nobody would ever survive in the industry as long as Suju and how Suju has so much more talent then Infinite of f(x). Another posted each member’s individual talents and how this author ‘clearly doesn’t know their talents’. Really? This article clearly states several times that his beliefs in talent are not based on the individual but the group itself. He doesn’t care for one distinct aspect such as vocals or dancing, but rather all of it. Did you read any of this at all? Again, this post is based on the author’s original ideas and thoughts. Yes, he can search up and find that 2 million websites consider Super Junior as the most talented, or he can create a poll that shows OTHER peoples biased groups. But no, he chose to write articles about HIS beliefs in the topic. Is that wrong? Can he not do that? Also, he never stated that a group DOESNT have talent. Didn’t he even go out of his way to say that the groups have great potential and could be even better then they are now? I really dislike it when some fans just can’t take an opinion and just start completely dissing the poor guy. I’m a major ELF and Super Junior is in my top three favorite groups, I can see why this author would feel that way about them and I totally respect that, and some people need to learn to respect that, too.

  13. sorry but I think ur wrong for not seeing Super Junior’s talent, you didn’t even try and search, see their vocals and their dancing, it seems you based this on their main songs/MVs if you even try and see their Super Shows and concerts you would see, some of the groups in top 15 are not even that talented
    this list is not based on facts but ur bias point of view
    I hope you watch this video to see that not only KRY can sing in SJ. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0vKd_kUYM8

  14. Even though all Super Junior members cannot sing, they come as a full package, u know. They can MC, sing and dance. I think they should be higher though

    NOW, you are talking about talent but how come DBSK, after school, wonder girls, 2nei, ukiss, snsd, 2pm whom all the groups has some members who can’t sing….

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