10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – SNSD

November 24, 2010

SNSD is indeed the most popular girl group in Kpop today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best. Yes, SNSD is not one of the ten most talented idol groups that Korea has ever made. It’s actually funny, SNSD have the biggest fanbase in all girl groups but they have the biggest number of antifans. I think even in Kpop history.

A brief history, SNSD debuted the same year as Kara and Wonder Girls. But it wasn’t until “Gee” that they achieved success and popularity. Currently, SNSD is the most famous group in Korea but they haven’t achieved that glorious status where all members are household names unlike DBSK and Wonder Girls.

I actually think no one even expected SNSD will be on the top ten. Again, this ranking is for over-all performance. Meaning performances with all members are judged. So I’m left wondering why some Kpop enthusiasts say that SNSD is the best girl group out there when it’s definitely obvious that there’s only so much they can do with all 9 members.

I remember this Dance Showdown SNSD did with After School where After School won. Some of the comments on the vids say that SNSD should have won and all things like that. But what people should realize that SNSD went into that Dance Showdown with only four members (SeoHyun, YoonA, Hyeoyeon, and Sooyoung) while After School danced with all seven. Get my point? In group dynamics, SNSD as a whole would not be able to dance the way that they did. No offense, Jessica, Sunny, Taeyeon and Tiffany wouldn’t have been able to keep up. I notice their lack of timing the most (a member or two is always a quarter of a second early or late). The same goes with YoonA, Hyeoyeon and Sooyoung. Vocally, these three would not be able to keep up with the remaining members. I’m thinking this might be the reason why all their songs and routines are relatively easier compared to other groups. I hope I’m able to say right what I want to say and I hope SONEs that are reading this would take this constructively.

As a whole, SNSD cannot do anything more than what they did in “Into the New World”. Notice all their covers and dance showdowns they did since they debut, the singers sing while the dancers dance. And if you compare SNSD with the remaining people in the list, do you think SNSD can do these other groups’ songs? Again, I’m saying as a group. Not just a few members of SNSD doing it. Well, they did “Tell Me” of Wonder Girls but that song is really easy. I’ll be really impress if they can do even one of “So Hot”, “Fire”, “La Cha Ta”, “Bang”, “Go Away”, “Chu”, or “Nobody”.

Also, the fact that all of their successful songs are all cute and cheery is gonna go against them. They tried to do less cute and cheery in “Tell Me Your Wish” and “Run Devil Run” but these songs were just successful in the album sales. It’s not really that popular, compared to their cheery songs, in the general public. Check the online charts.

1 more is gone and only 14 remains in the hope to be part of the “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”.

01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) B2ST
06.) Big Bang
07.) DBSK
08.) f(x)
09.) g.o.d
10.) Infinite
11.) MBLAQ
12.) SHINee
13.) U-Kiss
14.) Wonder Girls

I’ll leave you with my favorite performance of SNSD.

SNSD – Gee





  1. I’ll give you a virtual cake if you can guess who’s out next. 🙂

  2. If I read you’re post and follow that line, I think that 2pm will be next. They also have dancers and singers and i think that only junsu and junho can sing properly most of the time. but that’s mine opinion. Or f(x) will be next.

  3. Expected them not to make the top 10 anyway. But if 2pm are in the top 10, SNSD should be so I’m hoping 2pm is out next

  4. As an SNSD fan, I was kinda sad when I saw them eliminated. However, you do make brilliant points about how they are not as talented as other groups. Not every member in SNSD can dance like hyoyeon or sing like Taeyeon. Also, although appearance and catchy songs may be the reason why SNSD is so popular, I think most SONEs like SNSD for their personalities in variety shows, so I guess they’re popular because of the same reason as Super Junior.
    Wondering who would be eliminated next…

  5. ok…since when did this SNSD=2PM happened?o.O

  6. This is the most ridiculous judgement I’ve yet to come across. SNSD is one of the top 10 Best Groups– no doubt! In every group, at least one member or two lacks in something so you can’t just count that against SNSD. If so, then I still don’t know how Wondergirls or 2PM are still are your list. Big deal! SNSD are halfies in terms of talent-wise… All Kpop Idol Groups are like that too. And Wondergirls with household names? Are you kidding me? They’ve got 5 members and no shit it’d be easier to label them out one by one. SNSD isn’t tje best, but they’re definitely TOP 10.

  7. Now SNSD are very talented. You know why? They can acting,singing,dancing,MC-ing,DJ-ing,speak/fluent in many languages,rapping etc

  8. SNSD is never matching with 2PM. by right, T-ara must be in the list too…

  9. This is really crazy. SNSD is the talented idol groups. Taeyeon and Jessica is the main vocalist. Everyone know that Taeyeon voice is better than any girl groups except behind Sistar Hyorin. Tiffany, Seohyun and Sunny are the lead vocalist for their group. While the other four like YoonA, Sooyoung, Yuri and Hyoyeon are dancing member in their groups. Everyone has their specialty in group. They has been known as queen of cf as group. They has been acting like YoonA, Jessica, Yuri and Sooyoung. Musical too like Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Sunny. Many of them also MC for Music Show. Hyoyeon also won 2nd place for Dancing With The Stars. SNSD also being an ambassador in Korea, Thailand also Japan. Think about it.

  10. it’s funny..
    your statement about SNSD is contradicted itself..
    well, you said SNSD is eliminated because not all the member have talent in singing or dancing..

    But, almost groups in that list also has the same problem.. even some are worse than SNSD -_-

    Shinee is a lot better than 2pm.. well I think 2pm is a group that strong in visual and dancing.. but their singing are poor.. i said only some of the member can sing..the rest is awfull..

    • u know group called one day? 2pm and 2am group name back then? they’re the most talented in singing cos all of them did ballad. also, they went through a training like hell to become 2pm and 2am. not like others. just do like 3 rounds of audition then succcess to form a group. zz im not fan of 2pm but i know their backround.

  11. Having 9 members in a group makes SNSD result in lower average ability because 9 members mean 9 different talents. You can make a 4 member group focused on dancing but then the group lacks singing ability. With 9 girls they have 9 people focusing on different things so when they perform, each one does what they are best at. It makes them popular because they have variety, not just specialized at one thing.

  12. I have a question, SNSD called an ‘idol group’ and one of the biggest girl group. So, how come that they are not talented? Why everyone is always saying ‘SNSD doesn’t have talent’. blah,blah,blah* etc. you guys keep on saying that. Sorry, but these words always makes me feel sad. You guys just can’t see their talents and you don’t want to see.

  13. well.. some snsd members did say that they didnt really good at singing. thats why they lipsinc while perform live. they like ‘never’ did real live.(im saying this cos im a fan of them)

  14. For me all of the member in snsd is beautiful. but im going to prepare
    (my favorite yoona jessica yuri)
    (top six most beautiful)

  15. All of snsd are beautiful and talented
    but people hwo say yoona is worst and an extra member only is wrong because she is also talented all of them are talented heres my ranking i got this on youtube and it is also my opinion its “ranked”
    in my opinion and other opinions.

  16. If SNSD aren’t talented, then why are they the best Korean group? That makes no sense. They all have different talents, which only makes the better because hey don’t focus on one thing. Talent is dancing, singing, acting, etc. etc.. Hyoyeon, Yuri, YoonA, and Sooyoung are best at dancing. Taeyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany, Sunny, and Jessica are best at singing. That makes the group very talented because they focus on both singing and dancing. Also, almost all of them are amazing at acting.

    • uhm why are they number 1 in popularity? well sm entertainment 😀

  17. hope sistar will on charts…….

  18. Your timeline is so funny. How our 9 angel become popular? Let me explain you:
    1/ their singing: Taeyeon is on the top of Korean female best vocal.
    2/ Dancing: Hyoen, Yuri, Yoona are the queen of dancers.
    3/ Variety show: All of them make other happy and they funniest girl group.
    4/ Acting: Yoona got many award with her first leading role on YAMD.
    5/ Beauty: All of them were given name as like angels like Charming girl (Yoona), Ice princess (Jessica), Cute leader (Taeyeon), Eye princess (tiffany)…..
    How can you say their are worse than other groups? I think some of them lact some skill but they have other professional. Like Yoona, Hyoen, Yuri, and Sooyoung lacked of vocal but they dance so good, Some other lacked of dancing but they have the good vocal.

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