2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards

November 28, 2010

The 2010 MAMA just recently concluded and the winners are as follows as stated from allkpop.com

Daesang Awards
Artist of the Year – 2NE1
Album of the Year – 2NE1 “To Anyone”
Song of the Year – miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”
Female Rookie Award – miss A
Best Dance Performance (Male Group) – 2PM “I’ll Be Back”
Best Asia New Artist – iMe
Best Digital Single – Park Bom “You and I”
Best Asian Pop Artist – Perfume
Female Group Award – 2NE1
Male Singer Award – Taeyang
Best Rap Performance – DJ Doc “I’m This Kind of Person”
Best Vocal Performance (Solo) – Gummy “Because You’re A Man”
Best Asia Artist – Zhang Jie
Male Group Award – 2PM
Best Dance Performance (Solo) – Rain “Love Song”
Best Band Performance – Hot Potato “Confession”
Best Dance Performance (Female Group) – 2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
Best International Artist – Far East Movement
The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award – 2PM
Best Music Video – 2NE1 “Can’t Nobody”
Female Singer Award – Gummy

Here’s my verdict. I think the award is a total fail. I’m not gonna be one of those Kpop enthusiast that is pissed because their idols didn’t win. I’m gonna be logical and calm in this article.

First of which, I think there are some awards that were wrongly given. Let’s start with the non-daesang awards. I’m just go over the things that I am fully familiar. The Best Dance Performance by a Group was given to 2PM for their “I’ll Be Back” song. I was really surprised that they were even considered. I’m not saying they suck but their dance can’t really be compared to other nominees. The “I’ll Be Back” routine is easy because it is design to be like that. For fans to follow. But SHINee’s “Lucifer” and MBLAQ’s “Y” is a routine that is design to impressed. I honestly think either SHINee or MBLAQ should have won.

Another award that was wrongly given was the Female Group Award. I think that should have gone to SNSD. I’m not a fan of SNSD but as people in allkpop said, give credit where credit is due. The same goes with the Male Group Award. I’m starting to be seriously annoyed by how much 2PM is overrated. What 2PM achieved this year is nowhere near what 2AM achieved. I don’t know how this happened. The difference between 2PM and 2AM this year is so great that the award being given to 2PM should not be even possible.

Now for the Daesang. I can only comment on the Artist of the Year and Song of the Year since I haven’t really listened to the entire album of the artists that are nominated. I think both AOY and SOY should be given to 2AM. They have done so much this year to get these awards. Makes me wonder what could have happened if 2AM attended the said event. I’m also wondering why they are the only JYP artist that did not attend the award show. First, JYP scheduling the JYP Nation the same day as 2AM’s first concert and now this. One can’t help but wonder.

It seems like those who attended the awards show are those who won the awards with the exception of Rain. A bit of advise to MAMA. People have been doubting the credibility of the awards show since last year. They should have came back this year stronger. Meaning, give awards to those people that deserve the award though they could not attend. A pity really.

Also there were awards that wasn’t announced. Notably, Male Rookie Award and Best Vocal Performance (Group). So maybe there is some truth to the no-show-no-award thing.

Well, one good thing is that Big Bang and Wonder Girls were present. At least some quality performance was shown. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, they should just stayed in Korea so a lot of artists could have attend.

mama.mnet.com has released the complete list of winners for this years mama awards. The awards that wasn’t mention above are as follows:

Best Producer of the Year – Psy
Best Music Video Director of the Year – Seo H.S
Best Choreography of the Year – Kim Hwa Young
Best Style of the Year – Yang Seung Ho

A lot of people have been saying the 2AM and C.N.Blue won but I can’t find any source to support that.




  1. Heyyy im so so excited about your post because i felt it was totally true. Im not a fan of any but really, i agree with you !

  2. LOL..MAMA awards itself is really a lame joke. They cancelled three awards : Best Male Rookie, Best Vocal Perf (Group) and Best Collaboration which has zero nominees attendance.. and they said the attendance took 50% of the award score? (it’s actually 101%). MAMA is so funny.

    the only best thing for me is Hot Potato won,2NE1’s performance, Big Bang and Far East Movement..

    even 2AM doesn’t care about MAMA.

  3. I am happy for 2NE1, but even I think that 2am must had won artist of the year. Their performance wasn’t as good as normal either.
    And the stupiest part were the awards for 2pm. I don;t think they deserve them, 2am had more hits and is much much better then 2pm.
    But Gummy and big bang performences gave me the chills. Can’t wait for the 15 dec, top en gd will have a duoalbum^^

  4. So agree with you. I start wondering that 2AM didn’t come to give awards to 2PM. 2PM shouldn’t won anything considering the results they give this year. Not that I’m hating 2PM whatsoever (i love “I’ll be Back” & it’s their only song that played continuously in my MP3). This is ridiculous. Well, at least now I’m very sure that MAMA doesn’t mean anything.

  5. 2AM couldn’t attend cause Jo Kwon was hosting Inkigayo.

    and like you said, I agree. MAMA is a joke. It’s basically MNet giving which ever company that supports them awards. Even their related companies (CCM etc.) didn’t bother attending.

    • Wops.. Forget about that.

  6. i agree 2am should have won artist of the year. they could have won song of the year but i think miss a deserved it. btw miss a won best dance performance by a female group not 2ne1.

  7. what else is new??? MAMA WAS MADE FOR YG AND JYPE ARTISTS…. that’s all..period

  8. 2AM sucks! what are you talking about that they deserve the award! and 2ne1 deserves all the awards that they received. and SNSD? youre kidding right? they dont even sound and dance good!!

    • 2AM do deserved the award.they were everywhere this 2010 and their songs pretty topped at various kcharts. the album sales may not be high but they killed it with digital sales. 2ne1?compared to 2AM, the latter deserved it more. what did 2ne1 did?they only appeared on music shows,winwin and what else?i don’t even think they reached 10 guestings on variety shows. 2PM was even busier and managed to be regulars on some shows. SNSD even made more appearances. 2AM? Jokwon alone was everywhere. he is already making his name alone and is like the busiest idol this 2010. also, i give my points to SNSD the female group(i don’t even stan them) and 2AM the artist of the year.

      • But the awards aren’t for their variaty skills in my opinion. they are singers right? thus I think that 2ne1 deserves the female groep award. But i do think that 2am should’ve won artist of the year, they are just wonderful singers!

  9. To those who don’t think SNSD should win female group of the year, they actually should because they were active for almost the entire year. In the first half, they released Oh and Run Devil Run. In the summer, they went to Japan to continue to promote Gee and Genie. Then, they cam back to release hoot. Although people say hardwork is not always recognized, in SNSD’s case it has. Oh won 5 times on Music Bank and also a triple crown on Music Trend. Hoot won 4 times and is also a triple crown. Genie reached 2nd on Oricon’s Daily Chart, and Gee won 1st. I’m not saying SNSD is the best group of 2010 or anything like that, many other female groups like KARA have done a lot in 2010. 2NE1 was only active for the summer (? not sure) and did a lot less than other groups. Also, for those who say 2AM didn’t win anything, the reason why is because they promted the same time as SNSD. If they didn’t, all the awards SNSD won would have gone to 2AM without doubt.

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