10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – Wonder Girls

November 29, 2010

I’m a big Wonder Girls fan and as I wanna believe that they are one of the ten most talented idol groups, the numbers just do not support that. It’s too bad actually. Just one more. If they could have just beat one more group, but the ten remaining are just performing better than Wonder Girls. I’m a hardcore fan but not a delusional fan. Just have to accept it.

Wonder Girls debut three years ago as the first female group under JYP. They are known to have successfully released three consecutive songs that are considered legendary in the Kpop World, “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, and “Nobody”. This blog wouldn’t even be possible if I didn’t saw Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”. It is this song that pulled me into Kpop. The song was catchy and they were so precise in the edges of the routine.

Now going to the ranking, Wonder Girls got this far because of their performance. Of all the girl groups out there, well with the exception of ballad groups, Wonder Girls are the only ones who almost always sings live. It’s a rarity for you to see Wonder Girls lip-sync. And with regards to their dancing, their very good on stage. Almost like Miss A actually.

A few years ago there was this rivalry between Wonder Girls and SNSD. SONEs will always argue that SNSD are better singers and Wonderfuls will argue back that Wonder Girls are better stage performers. To be honest, I think if there was a competition between these two, talent-wise Wonder Girls will win. Well if it is 5 against 9 all the way and not what happened in that year end special where they place both girl groups against each other. There were numerous rounds in that so called “battle” but not all of SNSD were in every rounds. As I said in my SNSD Elimination post, there is just so much that SNSD can do with all 9 of them since the overlap in their talent is very little. But in Wonder Girls, they compliment each other that’s why they make their performances work.

“So Hot” is in my opinion is the best that Wonder Girls have released. Well, to my liking. “Nobody” is indeed their most successful song. It is the most popular Kpop song in the world. What I like about “So Hot” is that it showed how good Wonder Girls are. If I’m gonna call it out, “So Hot” is a very difficult song that of all the girl groups active, only After School can do justice to it. I thought every Kpop artist are as good as Wonder Girls at the time. And then I saw Kara and SNSD, I knew immediately Wonder Girls were better than them. No offense, Kara and SNSD performances are easy. Again, I’m basing it on performances as a whole. All 5 of Kara and all 9 of SNSD. Their routines doesn’t have as much edges as Wonder Girls.

In terms of talent, three are amazing while 2 are just wallflower. They have two great singers and 1 amazing rapper. But as I said, they make it work somehow. They compliment each other. I find it odd that other groups finds it difficult to do the same. If you think about it, 4minute is like Wonder Girls individually. But 4minute just can’t get it together. I think the biggest arsenal of Wonder Girls is their timing and blocking. All 7 Wonder Girls (including HyunA and Sunmi) have this great sense of timing. From Irony to 2DT the blocking is amazing. I think only dancers can truly appreciate this. I recommend watching these performances.

Over the years, Wonder Girls have been criticize for their so called lack of talent. And I think the argument all are directed to Sohee. Sunye and Ye Eun can seriously sing and Yoobin raps so you can’t attack her for not singing. So if their gonna attack talent, go after Sunmi/Hyerim or Sohee. But since Sunmi/Hyerim are in tune, antifans will attack Sohee. The thing with Sohee is, it’s not that she can’t sing but she sings her parts softly that you can almost not hear it. I think she can sing. She is the one in the track singing isn’t she? I don’t know why she does it. Maybe she was asked to sing like that by JYP or maybe she got sick or something. She wasn’t like that in their Irony promotion. But now with Sunmi’s departure, Sohee has to step up since Hyerim is not as dependable as Sunmi. I think Sohee should even be the one singing Sunmi’s part since her voice is much huskier than Hyerim.

f(x) got eliminated in this ranking because they were not as polished as the groups that remained. This time Wonder Girls are eliminated because they are not as explosive as those that remained. This ranking is to determined the Most Talented Idol Group in Korea. And though Wonder Girls are more popular than After School and Infinite. The latter two groups can do more than Wonder Girls. At this high in the ranking, it’s no longer what group is better than what group. Everyone is pretty much even. It is now about who can do more.

With Wonder Girls elimination, we finally have our “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”.

01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) Big Bang
06.) DBSK
07.) g.o.d
08.) Infinite
09.) MBLAQ
10.) SHINee

I’ll leave you with my favorite performance of Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls – So Hot





  1. ouch it hurts to have my favourite idol eliminated… just kidding! i’m just a wonderful (and say a) means i don’t really like other groups except wg! WHY? as you said they’re not the best, their lives aren’t always great but their songs are awesome! you’ll listen to the song and get addicted. even if they’re saying “they’re so hot” you won’t think it’s bc they think too much of themselves bc they’re the Wonder Girls always so humble and thankful! i love that side of them, that’s what still makes me a wonderful i guess
    as for their talent, i know they have it! just watch the year-end shows! the only ones who really blow me each time are WG! others are good too but they always need to use big sounds to make noise, or kiss or rip shirts to get attention. while wg’s are raffined and perfect.
    SunYe and YeEun have beautiful voices. it’s definetly not Mariah Carey’s but still! but what makes it stronger is that they compliment each other! i’m always happy listening to their ballads and enjoying how they sound great in the song.
    however for their most popular songs (so hot, tell me and nobody), they don’t suit it! as much as SoHee who can’t sing in those songs but does great with “i wanna” or “irony”.
    finally their dancing, ppl and wg say they are easy routines! yes ok, but the hardest is still to do it perfectly and in sync with the members. and i swear i’ve never seen any ucc or wg cover in which someone did better than wg!

    sorry for the long post but i just love wg ^-^

  2. im surprised. i think the thing that hurt the most in Wondergirls, in terms of fandom is their long absence. i can’t stress enough that they better act and get themselves together or all the wonderfuls would have gone to the other side. i mean, they still got it. they did wonderful in MAMAs but their cirque de soleil-esque performance don’t make up for their need to be relevant by releasing new (and Memorable) songs!

    and while NOBODY made them the superstars that they are now and made them find their nitch, i think they’ve boxed themselves into the particular genre and style… the same way SNSD found theirs in GEE. they need to find a way to get around to it w/o losing their identity but at the same time, give something new that will excite the fans. AFTERSCHOOL was able to do it (because of you is still one of the best songs in kpop history imo) making them versatile, same with 2ne1. they are very very talented, they need to maximize their full potential, w/c in my 3 yrs in kpop, i have not seen them do so.

  3. Quite sad they are eliminated. But as you said, “I’m a hardcore fan but not a delusional fan. Just have to accept it.” That’s my lines too. However now is 2012, so i think if you make this again, it will be quite hard to eliminate them as they now approve a lot of talents.

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