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[Chart] Melon: 2010 November

December 5, 2010

Heo Gak once again prevail on another online chart. I think he will sweep all the online charts. It’s only a shame that SNSD’s album sales prevented Heo Gak from winning in music shows. But oh well, winning in music shows isn’t really a big deal. On another note, Heo Gak is a strong contention for newcomer of the year but I don’t know if he has a chance against C.N.Blue considering the first just recently debut.

01 Heo Gak – Always
02 2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
03 SNSD – Hoot
04 Kang Seung Yoon feat. Swings – By Instinct
05 Psy – Right Now
06 Jang Jae In – 가로수 그늘 아래 서면
07 Supreme Team feat. Young Jun – Then Then Then
08 2AM – Like Crazy
08 Miss A – Breathe
10 Gummy – I Love You Even If I Die
11 SG Wannabe – Sunflower
12 Gain – Irreversible
13 Kara – Jumping
14 2PM – I’ll Be Back
15 2NE1 – Go Away
16 John Park – In the Rain
17 Zia & 4Men – Crying, Calling
18 2NE1 – Slow
19 B2ST – Breath
20 Baek Ji Young – That Woman




10th Most Talented Idol Group: g.o.d.

December 5, 2010

Finally, the top ten. I’m confident with the ten that I picked and I know you guys won’t argue with it. Saying that, our 10th place are the former proteges of JY Park. JYP is now known to be the only company to make a hit of every single group he debuted. And this string of hit groups started with g.o.d.

g.o.d. is one of the few if not the only group from old school Korea that can actually compete with the idols of today. Some of you might not have the chance to know these guys, since it’s been years since the last time they were active, but I can guarantee that the time spent looking them up would not be a waste.

As I said in my previous posts, this ranking is to judge idol groups’ performances. What’s good about g.o.d. is that they know what they are. They know what they can do and they know where they are good at. No pretense. Cough H.O.T. Cough. Cough B2ST Cough. g.o.d’s music has a rap/street kinda sound which is a rarity at the time. I think the only ones who were doing music like g.o.d’s were Sechkies. But if you listen to Eun Jiwon’s group and Son Hoyoung’s group, you’ll immediately know the difference. It’s really hard to explain pretence so I’ll give an example. f(x)’s Amber, Wonder Girls’ Yoobin, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo are rappers. Kara’s Nicole, Secret’s Zinger and 4minute’s maknae are not. There is a big difference between a rapper and a person who can rap. I know it’s hard to understand what I just said but I hope you get the idea. Being able to hold a high note doesn’t necessarily mean you can be a singer. And that’s what the difference between g.o.d. and other idol groups from then, as well as now. They know what they are and they built their success on that.

Another thing, g.o.d. is the only old school idol group that is actually good live. Nothing against other groups from that time, but you would really feel talent on g.o.d. It’s actually strange that instead of today’s groups singing more live, lipsynching is more of an option. At the time of g.o.d., there was no trainee period. Members were chosen through auditions and not a pile of trainees the company has prepared beforehand. Makes you wonder.

Saying that, g.o.d. placed only 10th in this ranking because of their limitations. The group can compete with some idols today but there is no way they can out-battle the remaining groups. The 9 that remained are trained to sing and dance at the same time. Meaning the 9 groups has more variety to show since they are not just singers but also are dancers. Again I’ll raise my point. A dancer is different to someone who can manipulate his body to fit the routine. But still, you can’t help but be amaze. Hope idol groups today will take into heart the importance of singers singing live.

I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of g.o.d.

g.o.d. – Road

g.o.d. – 헤어짐보다 아픈 그리움