[Chart] Melon: 2010 November

December 5, 2010

Heo Gak once again prevail on another online chart. I think he will sweep all the online charts. It’s only a shame that SNSD’s album sales prevented Heo Gak from winning in music shows. But oh well, winning in music shows isn’t really a big deal. On another note, Heo Gak is a strong contention for newcomer of the year but I don’t know if he has a chance against C.N.Blue considering the first just recently debut.

01 Heo Gak – Always
02 2AM – You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls
03 SNSD – Hoot
04 Kang Seung Yoon feat. Swings – By Instinct
05 Psy – Right Now
06 Jang Jae In – 가로수 그늘 아래 서면
07 Supreme Team feat. Young Jun – Then Then Then
08 2AM – Like Crazy
08 Miss A – Breathe
10 Gummy – I Love You Even If I Die
11 SG Wannabe – Sunflower
12 Gain – Irreversible
13 Kara – Jumping
14 2PM – I’ll Be Back
15 2NE1 – Go Away
16 John Park – In the Rain
17 Zia & 4Men – Crying, Calling
18 2NE1 – Slow
19 B2ST – Breath
20 Baek Ji Young – That Woman



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