Supernova releases “Shining Star”

December 7, 2010

I’ve stumbled on this Supernova song, “Shining Star”. Apparently this is their new Japanese single. This post’s title is kinda misleading since the song has been released a few weeks back but according to my sources, the song will only be available in the market tomorrow, Dec 8. 2010.

The song isn’t all that great but I find myself listening to it over and over again. The chorus is catchy. Plus, the booty shaking thing is kinda funny. JiHyuk is so into it that he stands out. Funny really. Anyway, I don’t know Supernova that well but I heard they are doing so well in the Japanese market. They’ve been charting Oricon I’ve heard. It’s surprising because allkpop and such never really put much attention on these guys’ success in Japan but they published Wonder Girls, Rain, Boa, and Se7en, and DBSK’s overseas triumphs.

Anyway, here’s the Shining Star PV. Check out JiHyuk. Also, Sungmo looks like B2ST Kikwang here.




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