8th Most Talented Idol Group: 2NE1

December 12, 2010

I’m a third away in this farewell project of mine with this post. After all those pro con lists, 2NE1 was found out to be the 8th Most Talented Idol Group.

2NE1 debut May of last year. Their entry to the Kpop scene was deemed very successful as they were able to established themselves as a powerhouse in the music industry. 2NE1’s success can be attributed to their difference of image. It’s very unique and did made them stood out. They aren’t pretty beautiful and they don’t conform to social standards on what an idol should be, i.e. doing variety, catchy music, calling ahjussi fans oppa, etc.

By now, you should have figured out that KPOP fans are the craziest fans in the world, and they would do anything to glorify their idols. But those fans are not enough. I said this a year before, what makes a song a hit is when that group was able to hooked in the music lovers, not just their fans. You might be winning awards but if you’re song isn’t that well known, then what’s the use of the award? It would only be a false recognition and a reminder how badly your song was received. Cough SuJu cough. COugh BoA cough.

Saying that, I think 2NE1 has one of the most diverse fans thus making their songs successful. There are people who likes their songs but doesn’t associate themselves with BlackJacks. And for a business point of view, it is desirable to have that since there is only so much a fanclub can do.

Now here’s the scrutiny part. I see a bit of SS501 in 2NE1. Not in terms of talent but of the group dynamics. To be honest, without CL, 2NE1 won’t be anywhere near where they are now. CL herself, put 2NE1 on the map which is a bit troublesome. An idol group works because of the cohesiveness of the members’ talent and contribution. Big Bang has that, Wonder Girls has that, SHINee has that, etc.

Another thing I notice is that they are already trap in that genre of theirs. The street/hip hop thing. It’s not that they can’t do anything more. Individually they have proven they can do variety of songs, Park Bom’s You and I and Sandara Park’s Kiss. But because the public has this intact impression of them, if 2NE1 release bubblegum pop, I don’t think it will fair much in success. Just like where SNSD is in now. SNSD tried to do other genre with Run Devil Run and Genie but it was an epic fail. If it wasn’t for their album sales, it wouldn’t have won anything in music shows.

Aside for that, 2NE1 is 8th because they cannot seem to overpower the remaining 7. Yes, 2NE1 is more popular than MBLAQ or After School but if you look pass the popularity, you’ll see what I mean. From her onwards, imagine the artist without their faces and personality and judge them fairly on their talent.

Come back for the 7th ranking idols. It will be posted soon. But now, I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of 2NE1.

2NE1 – I Don’t Care

2NE1 – Go Away





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  2. shockedfan, you know by now that i’m a huge 2ne1 fan, and i’m glad that my girls got this far on your list…and you know also, that i adore you and am pretty much sad that you had to go…nut regarding this post, i have some things to share…

    let’s start with the things i agree on…i agree about the whole songs vs albums part, and on the popularity of 2ne1…but about the group dynamics, i agree that cl, and to a lesser degree minzy, put 2ne1 on the map and made their image more unique, but i have to say that it changed now…everyone has their parts to play now, cl continues to be fierce and be the rightful leader and main rapper, bom as usual do her thing in songs and make each chorus much better with her singing it, minzy is the main dancer and i think the most talented out of the four with her being a good singer and a kick-ass rapper, aside from being a dope dancer and my girl dara, though not the greatest among them, has contributed to the group being their spokesperson when cl doesn’t do it esp at variety shows and has done much the publicity of her group… i wholeheartedly think that they have one of the best group dynamic out of the business, if not the best, because on how they bring out each others talents, and they really gel together as a team…and i think korea acknowledges those points esp when watching 2ne1tv

    about their genre, though they are known for the street style, i think korea is a lot more accepting to their change in style than snsd…it is evident in the release in their album, wherein it hurts dominated almost all music charts before the release of the 3 mvs, then the 3 title tracks soars because of the promotions, but it hurts maintain its popularity and still managed to be on the weekly top 10 charts…esp on cyworld, in w/c we all know how hard to chart on it…

    • I apologize if you were disappointed with my post but I think that’s the way it is. Regarding their ranking, I really can’t do anything. I put in a lot of factors and the numbers showed that their 8th.

      About CL, I was talking about talent. I think you would agree that there is non like CL in Kpop right now. There’s a Park Bom in SNSD, Wonder Girls, f(x), etc. There’s also a Minzy and Dara. But there’s no other female idol that can give what CL is giving. In a sense, CL made 2NE1 stood out.

      • you don’t have to apologize…like i said, i’m super glad that my girls got this far on your list…and i very much agree about cl…she’s the baddest female in seoul city…

  3. Hey! Well written but I slightly disagree with you about the cl part! Yeah no one in Kpop is like cl, but that doesn’t mean the other members aren’t able to make their group popular!

    Like TOP and maybe gdragon was what catapulted bigbang into fame, but not all VIPs love and notice them only!

    Hope you get what I’m saying!

    • I’m sorry, I understand what you’re trying to say, but please read my previous posts regarding this project. It’s all about talent in this farewell project/

  4. I am glad 2ne1 came this far. 2ne1 wil stay my number 2 (behind big bang) but that is my bias as a fan. But if I put my biases aside, I can 90% find myself in you’re dicision. I mostly agree on the cl part. she has the talent and charisma to let 2ne1 stand out. I do think that minzy and bom are also very talented, but minzy still has a lot to learn and is overshadowed by cl. bommie is talented and special, but only if she reach the rigt note. it is pretty often that shes still insecure or doesn’t hit the right note. Dara has grow this year, but she isn’t much better than other girls out there. btw, sorry for my bad english, not my language and it is in the middle of the night here^^

  5. […] from Google, JXF pic came from the epic review of it in Thundie's, 2ne1 pic came from shockedfan here, tayong dalawa pic came from abs-cbn website, IU-Good Day from LOEN Ent., video by […]

  6. I agree.if 2ne1 doesnt have cl they will stink but,2ne1 is da best cuz they r better than wg,snsd,after school,kara,fx,brown eyed girls,4minute(p.s.they r copiers),secret,t-ara,b2y,orange caramel,and lots more.so,im lettin u guys know that 2ne1 will never beat anybody!snsd sucks!they fuckin sluts!

  7. panget nmn ni minzy pag picturan lging nka simangot

  8. Just come to America already, please! 2NE1 is just too amazing to keep in one place. It may sound a little selfish, but it’s true.

  9. I’m from Singapore and basically is only interested in 2NE1. Don’t even tell me anything about the other girl groups…. I’m just not interested and although CL is my bias, 2NE1 is not totally just about her. I love 2NE1 as a whole package, everyone of them is as important.

    • same here.. I tried to appreciate the other girl groups and it’s a failure. 2ne1 tops them all. :))

  10. i dont like 2ne1

    • Then why were you even on this site.. stupid…

      • then. dont watch there videos if you dont like ,,,,,,no one stop you.damn…

  11. love you 2NE1 my name reem love korea and qatar love you 2NE1

  12. I LOVE 2NE1,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. minzy is the best among the rest im one of a fan of minzy from philippines!!!

    and i like how minzy sang!!!!
    im so happy that minzy is one of the best group in koea

  14. love 2ne1

  15. I agree with this, CL is like the head of the group. She is so talented compared to the other members. She’s suppose to be known as the Rapper in the group, but really… She seems to be the main rapper, main dancer, and main vocalist. Minzy is amazing at dancing and can sing amazingly, but she needs to show improvement in her dancing, since she is the main dancer. Bom Park has an amazing unique voice, but during live performances she is always out of breath. For Dara, everyone says she can’t sing, but she can, just not as strong as the others, but she does keep up with the group especially in dancing compared to Bom. CL is definitely what brought the group, I think she can also go solo in the US, she can also write songs, but sadly haven’t released anything of her work. Even the president of Interscope (the us record company that holds Eminem, Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, etc…) wants CL.
    Good Article!

  16. hy 2NE1<3;)

  17. i am really really surprised that afterschool is at higher ranking than 2ne1. well firstly.. i see youre judging by personality. well.. you o
    explained how cl has t be in 2ne1 so that they have the success 2ne1 that are today. and.. 2ne1 cant go to the bubblegum pop genre..cos ..( if you do yr research properly).. is the female bigbang or the fiercest ladies of kpop. i still don understand why can afterschool can beat 2ne1 in here. i personally think that 2ne1 should be at least in top 5. but well.. this is my opinion..

  18. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Dara needs a HUGE level of electronic manipulation before she can begin to approach the other girls in terms of vocals (she cannot perform well live and her immature behaviour is grating), Bom has a tendency to get very screechy, CL is far too nasal and screams her raps without flow, and Minzy, while being my favourite and having a lovely smooth voice, is very bland and forgettable (and puts far too much effort into trying to be “ero” than, you know, trying to DANCE).

    • yes!! because DARA is a very good dancer in their group …
      she is my favorite having lovely voice and is beautiful ….

  19. I like BOM(2NE1) ,She’s so pretty…

  20. Yes i agree with some of your points my dear friend since your talking about “talent”, i have no doubt about that, but in the world setting right now, what is important is the groups charisma, the power to attract fans to patronize their albums, the power to get the attention of the mass media of not just Seoul but all the neighboring countries as well. the fact that Kpop Bloodline in staying alive in this industry, thier must be liquidity in their group to get great sales to allocate funds for their next coming albums thought income generation from fan based sale revenues. In this scenario, 2NE1 is unmatched by any female group. their group has solid fan base in different countries like malaysia, indonesia, singapore, philippines, some countries in the US and in some parts of the middle east that make their group a power house in KPOP. not just in korea, but in Asia and in the whole world. Their name represent KPOP 🙂 im Rivas from singapore, just sharing

  21. i love 2NE1 very much. I love your songs.

  22. That’s Right <": * 2ne1 Is Talented Than SNSD * HaHa

    • yee…..2NE1 is the best…..ever

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  24. eh eh eh eh eh eh!! 2NE1 ..

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