7th Most Talented Idol Group: 2AM

December 18, 2010

2AM came in 7th in this ranking of mine. They rank 7th because of how solid they are to what they are. A lot of groups out there have constantly change their image to give something new to the point that it seem like a new group. What I’m trying to say is that it’s ok to change your concept but it’s a bit off if you change everything that you are.

The group is the vocal branch out of JYP’s Hot Blood. And they have lived to their expectation. It was quite obvious that they weren’t really been handled by JYPE the same way the company handles 2PM and Wonder Girls. It seems like JYPE doesn’t know to take care of 2AM the way their group should be taken for. However, this year Big Hit has provided 2AM a string of hits that catapulted the group to stardom. No offense to other groups, but you can definitely say that 2010 is the year of 2AM. Well, comparing with the other male groups. It is still uncertain if SNSD or 2AM gets the hold of 2010. Though SNSD dominates the offline charts and are also good online, 2AM has continuously dominated the online charts and has more songs this year that were received so well.

Vocals is 2AM’s biggest arsenal and they have constantly gave the public an array of ballads. To be honest, I think they have the best vocals among the groups. No offense to DBSK. 2AM can really sing. And I’m saying sing, not just being able to hold a note. They’re as solid as can be. I don’t know how to put it into words exactly, but what I’m trying to say is what I was trying to say with g.o.d. Technically, g.o.d. and 2AM are the same, it’s just that 2AM is more polished.

But obviously, 2AM’s ranking 7th is attributed to their limitation. This ranking is about the Most Talented Idol Group. And though 2AM is the best vocal group out there, when you sum the talent and the variety of performances, 2AM is behind. Again, their very very good on what they’re expected to be. They know what they are, they know what they can do and they’re the best on what they can do. But the problem is, some of the groups that are remaining are also one of the best on what they can do plus they can do more.

Now, that’s that. I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of 2am.

2AM – This Song

2AM feat. Jay Park – I Got a Broken Heart




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