6th Most Talented Idol Group: After School

December 21, 2010

After School is the 6th Most Talented Idol Group in Korea today. And yes, they are the most talented female idol group in Korea. I hope SONEs, Black Jacks, and Wonderfuls won’t take this hardly. But you have to admit, After School is in a different league than other girl groups out there.

When After School debuted, they were depicted as the Korean Pussycat Dolls. But their debut was actually a failure. No offense, “Ah!” was the least successful of all the debut songs of female groups that year. Well, least successful of all the girl groups that have established a name for themselves now. Remember, 2009 was the year where girl groups were debuting left and right. Also, the timing was unfortunate as well for After School. Their debut coincided with SNSD’s “Gee” promotion. But little by little, After School started establishing themselves as one of top idol group of Korea and they did that with “Because of You”.

After School style is more on western. And you have to admit that their very keen on details. The angles of the edges of the routine are on the mark. No offense intended to the other groups, I don’t think any of them can do After School. But After School can do their songs. It’s actually very puzzling why elite companies pass on these women when these girls are very discipline on their craft. To go further as an artist, it is no longer about talent, it’s about discipline. And I can name a few who I think should not have debuted because of their lack of character. Cough Krystal cough. Cough Sulli cough.

I know some of you might be wondering why AS became 6th when majority of the song is sang by Kahi. But as I said before. This ranking is not about equal distribution of the song but how well the song is performed. And though After School make Nana and Lizzy share their lines, the point is the performance is still grandeur. But this is also one of the reasons why they just finished 6th.

When you go up this high in the ranking, it’s no longer who’s better than who, it’s about who can do more. And because of the group’s dependence on Kahi and Raina, their possibilities gets limited. I’m astonished actually why they leave out the other members with little parts. I thought first that maybe it’s because they can’t sing, but hearing Nana in Orange Caramel made me think otherwise. She has a nice tone. Or maybe After School’s songs are more fitting Kahi’s voice. Right now, I think AS’s weakness is Jooyeon. She can keep up with the dancing but her vocals are not as powerful.

Another reason why After School landed on 6th is because they’re up against male groups that have a lot to offer. It’s not that I’m being sexist, but it is a proven fact that guys can do more than women. And as I said, it’s not about who’s better than who, but who can do more.

I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of After School. A few more days left but I think the remaining 5 are a bit predictable. But let’s see if you guys can determine the ranking of 2pm, Big Bang, DBSK, MBLAQ and SHINee.

After School – Because of You

After School – Sway





  1. Hi there! i’ve been a silent reader all the while and i’m very very sad you’ll be going soon T___T
    i’ve enjoyed all your posts and i feel that i’ve to comment on this
    i definitely agree with you that no other groups out there atm can do after school! there’re just so different from the rest! i’m a dancer too so i can somehow understand what you meant ^^
    thank you for everything on this wordpress!!! ^^

    p/s- i can’t wait for the rest of the list to be up! my bias group is in the remaining 5 ^^

  2. I like that you’re so honest. I’m not a dancer so I can’t understand al of it. I am just someone that does’t like a group if they don’t ditribute fair. I must say that i was surprised that the girls from orange caramel could sing so well. So now I know that they are way more talented than I thougt.

    now the guys. I don’t now.. My opinion is
    1/2 DBSK or BIGBANG
    3. shinee
    4. mblaq
    5. 2pm

  3. When I see After School performance, I agree with you that they are the best girl group. Wonder Girls is also precise but their choreo is quite easy compare to After School. I sometimes wonder why the line isn’t distributed evenly since I want to know about UEE and Joyeon. (No question about other members & Bekah raps more, so..)

  4. i hate afterschool because they are plagiarsm of akb48! they have many members and they have a graduate project so after school plagiarsm of akb48

  5. You say you’re not being sexist but it’s a proven fact men can do more than women??????!!!! That IS sexist, darling. It might be a proven fact SOME men can do more than SOME women but it’s not a rule. And I don’t even know what you mean by “do more” do more what???? Women are just as capable as men. End of story.

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