5th Most Talented Idol Group: MBLAQ

December 24, 2010

Only 5 remains in this coveted ranking, and unfortunate for MBLAQ, they just missed the mark and finishes at 5th. I know there are some people who are skeptic on MBLAQ’s ranking because the group is just ok success-wise, but hear me out.

MBLAQ is g.o.d. Version 2. I read an interview of Rain that MBLAQ will be the only artist he will produce and that he created MBLAQ with g.o.d. in mind. And kudos to him, what an amazing group he has created. The group is one of the few that is stable performance-wise. Something they should be proud of since only a handful of idol groups actually have talent to show. They’re not banking on their looks.

The reason why MBLAQ got this far is because of what they can do. Oh Yeah! and Y are very difficult songs to perform. For one thing, the choreography is strenuous making it difficult to sing. There’s only 3 groups in Kpop right now who can do Oh Yeah and Y like MBLAQ or better. 2 of which is in the Top 4. It’s actually sad that they’re not getting the recognition that they deserve.

Saying that, MBLAQ finishes only in 5th because of what they can do more. Actually what the other four can do more. MBLAQ just cannot compete. Another thing, the group debuted a year ago alongside B2ST. Both groups are actually being pitted against each other because of this fact. And right now, it is quite obvious who’s the winner between the two. B2ST has more songs ranking high in the charts and even got a few songs winning in Music Bank. Again I’m not saying Music Bank is a prestigious award but since the showing can be controlled by album sales, it is saying a lot that B2ST has a lot of fans already than MBLAQ. Or that B2ST have a much more financially extravagant fans.

Between B2ST and MBLAQ, talent-wise and as a group MBLAQ is better. If you guys go to singers and producers, they will say MBLAQ have it more as a group. But why is B2ST more popular than MBLAQ? Because MBLAQ lacks in good songs. Again, just like Infinite, opportunity is what missing. J.Tunes is not as powerful as the other companies to manipulate the situation and provide additional promotion for MBLAQ though Rain is the CEO of the company. So MBLAQ needs to put a lot more effort on the performance and a good song will help their cause.

One more thing why MBLAQ finishes 5th. The Top 4 Idol Groups have all members who are strong on what they bring on the group. No offense, but talent-wise Chundong is a bit behind everyone else. Not just in MBLAQ but with other members of the Top 4 groups. It’s not that Chundong is untalented, but what he brings to MBLAQ is just not as solid as it should be, making the performance suffer and not live up to the potential of the performance. Chundong is vocals. Compare him to G.O., Seungho, and Joon. The latter has this confidence when they sing and their voices are full and fluid. It makes me wonder what Sang Bae would have given if he didn’t quit the group and got replace.

4 more groups to go and 3 more articles. I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of MBLAQ.

MBLAQ – G.O.O.D. Luv






  1. I think Chungies situation is sorta like Sandara’s….when I first saw 2ne1 and their performances i felt that she was the one w. the least lines in the song, camera was all over CL, people were overwhelmed with boms voice, and mnzy was just crazy …Point is that w.e she brought to the group wasn’t very clear at the beggining …Smae with Mblaq out of all the least I know about and has been revealed is Chungieee..Oh and even though he doesn’t get many lines in songs … he does worry about creating new beats & just music in general, so that might be his way to contribute to the group ..who knows.

    Overal I’m glad they made it this far .

  2. Rofl no.
    MBLAQ are failures.
    Full album and still can’t even touch BEAST.

    • Lol, that’s funny, because they out-sold B2ST with that full album. B2ST may have more fans, but let’s face it, they aren’t that diverse. Meanwhile, MBLAQ can perform in any genre and are oozing with talent.

    • Yo if it was possible, I would kill you virtually.

      • wth. if ur a hater and love b2st so much. go suck their dick instead of hating on our boys.

  3. Just wondering… What are the three groups that you alluded to? I mean the groups that can do Y and Oh Yeah as good as MBLAQ.

  4. c’mon! it’s unfair pitting idols like this…talent-wise you say??give us evidence…audience can tell…one more thing, mblaq or b2st, their genres are different if compared…these are taboos we are not supposed to say, and it pisses people off!

  5. MBLAQ is better than B2ST to me. They sing better, they look better and they’re funnier! MBLAQ fighting! LeeJoon<3

  6. guys drop this off b2st and mblaq are buddies, why can’t b2uties and a+ be too????
    this blog is pure foolishness….it only attracts fanwars….sooo, can we vanish this b2st OR mblaq thing like a black hole eater and b2st AND mblaq – mbleast to cite???(begging)

  7. I think CD has a more beautiful voice than SangBae; comparing Oh Yeah and Cry…

  8. MBLAQ “STAY” Is So Good Than SHINee “SHERLOCK” * Right .?
    So For Me MBLAQ Is Talented Than SHINee .
    MBLAQ Is No.#3 Talented Than SHINee

  9. La cosa es que no habria conocido a Mblaq si no fuero por CD…asi que …el es el mejor para mi… no importa si B2ast tiene mas fans en lo particular no me agrada mucho ni la musica ni sus integrantes…asi que MBLAQ forever…

  10. mblaq los amo con todo mi alma
    y les voy ha llevar en mi corazon 100pre

  11. MBLAQ is the most best dancer MBLAQ Saranghae 🙂

  12. Well for me mblaq is the best..and as for cheondung he is improving and for me sangbae is out of the question he’s not part of mblaq..

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  14. What? are you comparing those two group? and u even said, that mblaq lack of good songs? Do you really know about mblaq? To be honest in terms of popularity yes I can say beast is more popular than mblaq but only in korea, while Mblaq popularity International was quite big than beast.

    What? Beast has more songs high rangking in music chart? Maybe yes, but how about Mblaq song high rangking Intetnational, (if you dont know about this try to search ” bulgarian music chart”bcoz mblaq has on top1 for 2 yers in row)
    By surpassing worldwide famous celebrities such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez.. It just annoying how you compare those two in put mblaq into low state.

    Winning awards? Mblaq has also won in music show. They also won In golden desk award “Album of the year” in row 2011 & 2012. Is this was nothing to you mr/ms writter?

    Im sorry for barging up here about Mblaq, I just dont like how you put some of your words to mblaq.

    Both group has unique way of making music, but #Mblaq is more unique than beast. Thank you.

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