3rd Most Talented Idol Group: SHINee

December 29, 2010

SHINee debuted in 2008 and made headlines because of their amazing performance of “Replay”. To new Kpop fans, do look it up. It won’t be a disappointment. It’s one of the best debut by an idol group. And from that, you can really tell that SHINee is the next best thing. I mean the group can lead the Hallyu Wave to the world. And I’m not just talking about foreigners who are into Kpop.

To be honest when I was doing this ranking, SHINee and 2PM were continuously switching places in the 3rd and 4th spot as I plug in factors. 2PM is really much stronger on the vocals than SHINee. Again, when I say strong vocals, I meant the voice is solid whatever range it is. The problem that I see in SHINee is that Onew and JongHyun have contrasting voice quality. So far it hasn’t really been a problem in their songs but it does limit their song choices. An example of what I’m saying is B2ST, and you can hear a bit of it on their Lucifer song. Again, no offense to B2ST fans. I’m just saying it as it is. But saying that, what pulled SHINee up is their performance.

SHINee, MBLAQ and 2PM are pretty much on the same boat. The difference is just appeal and that’s what I like about SHINee. When they perform, they just perform. No theatrical or fan service during the performance making them look expensive because of their professionalism. Again, no offense to the other group. SHINee just perform so well.

But saying that, SHINee just finished 3rd because of how good DBSK and Big Bang. The latter two groups might as well be the two greatest idols that Korea has offered of all time. But maybe in time SHINee will be as good as them. Well, maybe. Though Taemin grew as a singer, Minho’s growth in rapping is hardly noticeable making it negligible. And from videos I’ve seen, his singing is just so-so.

SHINee and SM Entertainment are lucky to have one another. In SHINee’s point of view, they are given everything they need to be on top. And with their capabilities, they will be on top.

Two more two go. I’ll compress my article on the two into one. I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of SHINee. I really wished that they didn’t changed that choreography in Lucifer. The practice vid they uploaded was so much better than what they’re doing now. Also, they’re already good enough. They don’t need back up dancers.

SHINee – Replay

SHINee – Lucifer





  1. i ❤ u shinee ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. did they change the choreography to Lucifer? :O

  3. ive never been a diehard fan of kpop but ive gotta admit…SHINee definitly made me sit in front of the tv jaws ajar…hope they can keep up the good work!:]

  4. shinee is the best


  6. SHINee is the best! SHINee saranghaeyo~

  7. Lol putting shinee above 2pm and mblaq is just sad…

  8. shinee is the best gruop ever

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