Kara’s hold in Japan

December 29, 2010

Kara debuted at the same year as Wonder Girls and SNSD. But they never really made an impact though they were dubbed as the next Fin.k.l and the next big thing coming from DSP. They were overshadowed too much plus dealing with a member leaving. Amidst all of this, Kara have become one of Korea’s top idols.

The first time I saw Kara was two years ago when they were promoting Rock U. I don’t actually remember, but I think they were promoting at the same time as Lee Hyori or at the end of Wonder Girls’ So Hot promotion. Anyway, I never really cared about them at the time ’cause Rock U didn’t appealed to me. But look at them now. I never thought that they will be on top. Japan has embraced Kara to the summit of success.

I’m not instigating a fanwar, but like what people say, give credit where credit is due. SNSD has Korea and Kara has Japan. Both are doing well in Japan but Kara are just sweeping the competition with their popularity. Well, in Japan. They can never out-success SNSD in Korea. If you have Japanese friends or someone who just came from Japan, ask them about Kara and the hip dance (apparently the butt dance is termed hip dance in the land of the rising sun), I’ll guarantee you that they know about it. That’s how popular Kara is.

Until now, I’m in disbelief that they are this successful. When I saw them doing Rock U, I told myself that this group would not last long. But I guess I was wrong. Funny thing, idol groups that are doing so well in Korea are not really doing that well in Japan. The inverse follows as well. Look at Supernova.



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