Best Kpop Dance Cover

December 31, 2010

I’ve been into Kpop for three years now. And from that three years, I’ve seen so much dance cover of Kpop. But two have remained in my mind and in my opinion the best kpop dance cover so far. Well, I think it’s a cover. Some people are saying these are the choreographers of the SHINee and 2PM. If they are indeed the choreographers, I would just say the best performance by a non-idol performers of a Kpop song. LOL.

2PM – Only You

SHINee – Replay



  1. they are really amazing!!!
    and they’re not even asian!!

  2. Nice! Since you wrote an article on YouTube dancers, I was wondering about your view on my own one and whether you can share with others. I’d like more people in the J-Pop and K-Pop community to read and comment on: http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/whats-your-purpose-as-a-youtube-dancer/

  3. hola les dejo mi video con mi grupo espero y nos apoyen

  4. hi there~ i did a dance cover of SNSD – Chocolate Love. i think you should check out my cover 🙂


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