Most Talented Idol Group

December 31, 2010

Finally, we got to our #1 Talented Idol Group. I know fans will disagree but try to look at it as a non-fan point of view.

DBSK and Big Bang are no doubt the best idol that is out there. They’re not just an idol group, but they are performers. Individually, each member gives a portion of something that makes their respective group successful. And I’m not talking about being good in variety. It’s actually interesting to point out that both DBSK and Big Bang’s vocals are what put them on top, and that their dancing is mediocre. Which is odd nowadays since idol groups are known more to be in sync in dancing that good in singing. Again, when I say their dancing is mediocre, I meant their dancing is just ok. They can dance but just ok.

But saying that, it wasn’t that close. Big Bang lead in everything against DBSK. Yes, I’m saying it, Big Bang is the most talented Idol Group in Korea. A few posts ago, I stated that the ranking seems to be predictable because it wasn’t that close. Unlike 2PM and SHINee, everytime I plug in a factor, they switch ranking. Both Big Bang and DBSK are solid in their performance but Big Bang has more variety and depth in terms of singing. Also, Big Bang music caters to more people than DBSK.

These two groups would be remembered for all time in Kpop. The vocals are just impressive unlike the current idols. Ok, I’m gonna be tactless here. I hope no one will take it too personally. There are idols right now who are on top in the industry but are just ok. Most of them are female groups. For one SNSD. No offense. SNSD are just ok. If they’re not cute, I don’t think they would even be still together. Another one is Super Junior and Kara. Again, I’m not saying they cannot sing, but they’re just okay. Yes, there are members who can sing, but not everyone CAN sing. And compare these groups with Big Bang and DBSK, there shouldn’t even be a comparison. I’ll go back with what I said in my previous posts. There’s a big difference between a person who CAN sing and a person who can handle a tune.

It’s actually too bad that DBSK disbanded. I know some will react, but after everything that has happened, a reconciliation is just hopeful thinking. SM is very prideful and they will never succumb to JYJ’s demands. It’s either their way or the highway. Anyway, together with Big Bang, they had this potential to put Korean singers on the map.

I’m actually excited for YG’s overseas plans for Big Bang than their Korean comeback. Don’t take this the wrong way but I think their time in the Korean spotlight has ended. I’m not saying their unpopular. But from what I’ve seen in Kpop, you can’t be gone this long and expect to still have the popularity you had. A vintage example is g.o.d. JYP’s first group have the title as the most sold album ever. From my understanding, their’ “Road” album is the only idol album that has reached over 1 million albums sold. That’s a lot. A brief comparison today is SNSD’s albums. All three albums of SNSD this year only reached 300,000 sales. Again, that’s 3 albums combined already comparing it to one album of g.o.d. Only a third of what g.o.d. produced. But after that, g.o.d.’s popularity declined. Stay tune for my farewell post and I will explain what I meant by this. Going back to Big Bang, I think YG should concentrate on breaking overseas market like what Wonder Girls are doing. Because in Kpop, everything changes in a blink of an eye.

There you have it, the Most Talented Idol Group that Korea has offered the world. And I will end this project of mine with my favorite performance of DBSK and Big Bang. I hope they will do well.

Big Bang – Haru Haru (Acoustic)

DBSK – You’re My Melody

Big Bang – Last Farewell

DBSK – Doshite




  1. Yes, BIG Bang is nr 1^^ I tottally agree that these two groups have the best vocals and performance, but dancing is less than others. But that’s my point, they are singers and not dancers, so they have to sing better then dance right. Shinee brought me first to kpop with replay, still my favourite song, but big bang totally won me over with their talent and energie onstage. But I don’t know if their new album will bring the same succes, I like more of their japanese music, so i don’t mind if they bring more japanese music out than korean.

    Shockedfan, Thank you for your fun and honest post on this blog, I enjoyed reading them and I will miss it, but lives goes on and everyone must do what they like^^

    I wish you a happy newyear and a fresh start. Do what you want to do and enjoy every moment of it!

    Greatings from the Netherlands

  2. Estoy definitivamente de acuerdo


  3. Yes i totally agree. like who else right. we are alking about talent not appeal here. thank you for the aritcle! as usual it brought justice 😉

  4. U-kiss should be number 1!

  5. Dbsk and big bang are bands where everyone can sing and dance, somethig you dont usually get to say about idol groups. But since in my category I also include looks variety since it is a part of the charm of an idol group, Dbsk tops Big Bang. Hmm.. I thought album sales and overseas popularity of DBSK is higher than that of Big Bang’s? Then again, I just read this article and don’t know much about your criteria…

  6. I completly agree with you for the DBSK / Big Bang decision. Often when people ask for my favorites, I will just say DBSK. But thats only because Big Bang ( and Wondergirls) are on a totally different playing field then most of the other groups.

    But I do have to say, I have never seen a Big Bang dance video as good as Mirotic or Wrong Number. ^_^

  7. I totally agree with you. BIGBANG and DBSK fighting!

  8. I would have put Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi or Norazo as number one. 😦

  9. like the others said i would have put brown eyed girls ordavichi no one but not norazo.

  10. Actually, DBSK definitely sold way more records than big bang has ever done, but yes they are the most talented groups out there

  11. Entertainment and charisma-wise, Big Bang is definitely on the top of my list. The have this “umph” that most K-Pop groups lack. They don’t have that looks as TVXQ but everytime Big Bang performs onstage, they own everyone and each and every eye is focused on them.

  12. The only thing Big Bang has is their charisma and energy on stage. THAT IS ALL. Out of the entire group, the only mediocre singer is Daesung, who is not even stable when performing live. Taeyang is slightly below average due to his poor singing technique. Seungri is plain bad, look at how he failed even in a very easy falsetto note in the acoustic Haru Haru performance. GDragon and TOP are possibly the worst vocalists in the entire industry, the go flat a lot and they have reached nowhere near the slightest of vocal colour, tone and resonance. All Big Bang has in their vocal department is the ability to hold a tune, yes, just like all of us netizens, their singing ability is nowhere better than a trained singer. And of course, Big Bang does not dance well, they just jump around on stage, but this is not their fault, YG groups are forced to be party-goers.

    • “G-dragon and TOP are possibly the worst vocalists” do you even listen/watch the video up there? they are both RAPPERS bitch RAPPERS and yes GD do sing a little but still better than your fave. Go listen to your fav singing live with MR removed, see how “good” is it. “forced to be party-goers” pfft better than groups with fixed choreography and can’t even interact with fans & then cant sing live & fans will be like “because their choreography is hard” Bullsh*t

  13. snsdfanforever is an idiot he/she says that big bang is not talented and meely rely on charisma, well they still one of the most accomplished groups out there whether were talking about group or individually so bwahahhahaha you bitch can talk about how they’re bad at dancing/singing etc. but you cant change the fact how succesful they are, the only group who is comparable/better than them is dbsk5 nothing more nothing less :))

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