Shocked Fans rant

July 12, 2011

Well, as you guys all knew. I ended my Kpop fanaticism a year ago. But to be honest, I couldn’t. I’m still into Kpop but since I’m working now, I can only follow one. And I followed INFINITE. The group I think actually will be one of the greatest as I said in my previous posts. Just give them the chance and opportunity. They can be the one to lead the Hallyu wave in the world. Them and SHINee.

Saying that, I have been active in fan forums. Its there that I get details on the boys. Right now, I’m a member of NoLimitInfinite and OverZero. Well I used to be in OverZero. Do correct me if I’m wrong but you’re allowed to give criticism in forums right? I was like that in OverZero and the nasty Administrators block me for being like that.

If you’re wondering what I said, here’s my message. My last 5 messages.

Posted 23 Jun 2011
I think this is a bit of an exaggeration. With the difficulty of their routine, they need more than 4 hours a day of rest.

In Topic: [NEWS] 110427 – Infinite Hoya’s Tongue Ache “About to Stay Sick in Bed”; Shakes the Hearts of Noonas
Posted 23 Jun 2011
I really don’t like this set up for forums. I can’t find my way around. Why are the news article not arrange by dates? I’m trying to look for news on their Japan debut but the dates gets me confuse.

In Topic: [LIVE] 110514 Infinite @ Kyeongbuk Youth Festival
Posted 23 Jun 2011
Again, I wished there was a group photo.

In Topic: [LIVE] 110519 Infinite @ Kunsan University
Posted 23 Jun 2011
There should have at least a group photo. Anyways….

Please do tell me if any of these messages is worth me banning because I don’t know why it should be? Or maybe I should reflect on myself? Do they want to read only, “Oppa, you’re the best.”, “They’re so underappreciated”, “They’re so in sync.”, and “They’re so handsome.”? I’m 23 years old. I can’t be like that. Not that I ever was.

I’m upset yes but more of disappointed that INSPIRITS have become these kind of fans. Its this same reason that I never got into SNSD. SONEs are just too much to handle. And now, it seems like INSPIRITS are heading on that direction. I dread the day that INFINITE performs on Dream Concert and have everyone in the crowd in silence.

A few days ago there was a war supposedly between two subbing teams of INFINITE that started when one of the members of a subbing team mock the efficiency of the other subbing team. I’m not going into details of that. You can find it in tumblr. I’m pointing out the obvious rise of negativity in the fandom. I Love INFINITE. I really do. But those who call them fans would really drive anyone away.

There’s a big difference between negativity and criticism. The things I posted, those were criticisms. The thing that OverZero did to me, that was negativity. That was plain cruel. I’m really really upset right now. It was never like this when I was an active fan in VIP, WonderFuls, and Cassiopeia. No one was ever driven away. As I said, since I’m working now, I can only follow one group. And it seems like I followed the wrong one.

INFINITE, I do hope you succeed. With all my heart, I really do. And I hope you’ll gain mature fans. Fans that would be open minded and are TRUE. This is the end I guess.


  1. I posted your message in soompi. I hope u don’t mind.

  2. Yeah, INSPIRITS is the new SONE. Let the hate begin.

  3. I missed you. Are u gonna start blogging again? About the overzer0 thing. Just let it go. I mean if they are that mean, it won’t be long until all members stop going there.

  4. leave infinite. their fans are nasty.

  5. i missed you and decided to visit you again after so long, but damn! i was so shocked reading this! that was really cruel. i’m a member of atleast 3 forums and every comment is welcome there as long as it’s not disparaging to other members or the group. reading your post, i didn’t see any negativity or any comment that may “supposedly” harm the fansite. i mean is wishing for a group photo.. bad? or even asking for some organization within the forum?

    sigh. i know inspirits are getting big headed but i can’t believe they’ll even be nasty at a fellow fan…

  6. I’m sorry you find SONEs as unreasonable as these particular INSPIRITS.

    I’m sure you know that not all fans are that crazy, and that most fans are normal/more quiet. But then, I know most people have first impressions and that gets stuck. (Not trying to convert anyone).

    I wonder if it’s the fans that are changing to a more vicious nature with these new generation groups… or just that every fandom has these beginnings?

    I remember first trying to find out more about SNSD and there was AMBN and SSF, and yes, there was some “competition”. But jingoism is normal, isn’t it? Especially when most of the people in the forums are staff or closer to staffs, and they’re working actively on -their- forum/project. (I don’t know about INFINITE but I’m just saying, it might be a possibility?)

    Eventually I think fans all mature (or it might be that the anti’s have moved on/matured thus fans don’t need to “defend” or “actively promote” their artists… and a variety of other factors that you have mentioned nicely a few posts ago). Seriously I remember when I was first into k-pop Cassies were infamous. Now they’re… I don’t even know (mature? Do new fans even know about Cassies? Won’t lie I don’t know the fans of the first generation k-pop idol groups like FinkL or G.O.D or Shinhwa etc.), anyway, not “crazy” that’s for sure.

    Anyway, just wanted to say I’m becoming sated with K-pop too, but SNSD was my first (somehow, really freaking unexpectedly) “idol group” that I fell for, and it will be my last. I still call myself a SONE because I love SNSD, and I feel connected to them somehow as a fan. They’re at their peak, I think. Most artists don’t win GDA more than 1 year, do they? (Yes, I do think they have a very strong chance to win this year, look at the numbers.) Going to support the rest of their journey as performers and then I’m done.

    So hopefully all you people out there looking at SONEs as crazy, aggressive people. …Well, don’t? True SONEs (and I’m sure INSPIRITS too) just spazz and love. (._. Sounds sort of like… tele-tubbies.) I’m speaking this as an infrequent-ish visitor of SSF.

    Peace ^__^v~

    PS. Know most people are pretty mature. Just had to wordsplurge. Feel free to pull a tl;dr on this.

  7. That moderator deserves hi-5 to their face. I’m shocked by their behaviour towards you. I was actually debating over which forum to join, nolimitinfinite or overzer0, and this post has convinced me to become a member of the latter so thank you!

  8. Your comments do not seem negative, but even criticisms sting some people. However, I agree that moderator was definitely extremely mean and unreasonable. It’s unfortunate that you had such a bad experience with your last K-Pop group ):

  9. Good lord. That is one sensitive moderator. Your comments don’t seem negative, but were those all your comments? …you could’ve said something positive. *^* But, nevermind that, the point is that this moderator was unreasonable, and that has caused yet another fan to let go of what he/she loves. I think you shouldn’t give up on Infinite just because of a one time situation. The main thing is the music, because if you love the music, then go for it. You don’t need all access to fan forums, or other things like that, because the music and how it makes you feel is what’s most important. I say, you should give Infinite another try.

  10. I dont think the problem was with you or INFINITE .Is just that you join the wrong fan forum. Those comments don’t contain any negativity to me just critiz .If the admin workz that way sooner or later the members walk out on them. I hope u wil still follow INFINITE…I know a few friendly inspirits most of them are not so obssed type but more of appreciative to the performances

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