Teen Top Changjo has a fanboy

July 2, 2012

When I saw this vid, I just got to blog about it. Its really hard to read the fanboy’s intentions without seeing his face. But the consensus seems to be that the fan confessed his love to Changjo. Watch the clip and judge for yourself.

Before you say anything, I would just have to remind you that this is Korea. Homosexuality has  a different perspective in this country. They treat it as disease and shuns out people that admits of being one. Think about it. Is their any Korean celebrities, even gagmen, that has admitted to being gay? There’s no one in Korean entertainment (well mainstream) that has come out of the closet. Both male and female. Though the clip is cute and all, I think this is a dare or mission (which Koreans normally call it).

Fanboying to a boy group is not really surprising, but the fan in the vid gave flowers and did aegyo to a member of a boy group. Though male Koreans are infamous for their femininity, this act is considered gayish already in Korea. But saying that, I am a bit curious about the fanboy. I hope there’s more fancams of this surprising event.



One comment

  1. I really wonder what he was saying when he pointed around and did a “shhh” motion. Anyway that looked incredibly uncomfortable.

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