Anyoung, I’m shocked fan. I’ve decided to create my own korean online news blog so I could spread the word of Kpop in my own little way. This is a venue for opinions so feel free to comment on anything. It’s ok to do it negatively but please do not curse. We don’t need to degrade anybody to put our thoughts across. We’re all educated people here. Hope you’ll visit me often. Anyoung!

You can contact me at shocked_fan@yahoo.com



  1. Hey Shocked Fan!

    I am really really glad that I found this website, I will be following your blog now because it is such a great way for me to get back in touch with the Korean music world. I have KBS and watched an ep of Music Bank (It was the first week of July ep) and I’ve gotten hooked.

    Thanks again for running such a great blog site!

    – Gary

  2. Sure thing…. Love your site… will add you to my blog roll…

    By the way.. do you have twitter? I would like to keep tab on your updates.. please add email subscriptions in your widget.. will email you too…

  3. Thanks. I have a twitter but I don’t use it as much as I did before.

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