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Top 10 Best Idol Group Dancer Ranking moved

August 7, 2012

Work has been hectic so I couldn’t follow through to my last post. Sorry for those who waited. Rankings are hard work. You need to be partial. I’ll do it when this project I’m working at finishes.


After School does it again with Flashback

June 30, 2012

After School once again proved that they are the best female dance group in KPOP. They recently uploaded the dance practice of their latest single Flashback. Miss A and After School are the only ones in KPOP I can seriously say can really dance. Sure SNSD and WG are synchronized, but I think it would be pretty difficult for them to do challenging routines.

I had my doubts whether After School will still be intact without Kahi, but seeing this made me realize that After School is no longer a pop group, but more of a symbol of female sexiness with burlesque routines. Its a compliment actually. When you hear After School, you’ll know what you’ll be getting. Quality performance. Members will come and go but the idea of After School will live on with the remaining and future members to come.



K-POP : The Ultimate Audition

April 8, 2012

This week was Easter and so I needed a show to marathon to pass the time. A dongsaeng of mine recommended this show of Go Eun Ah, KPOP: The Ultimate Audition. For those who do not know, she’s MBLAQ Mir’s older sister.

Before anything else, reader’s discretion is advised.

Brief summary, Ji Seung Yoon auditioned with her friend Kwon Ji Woo in a search for new members that will replace half of an established boy group M2. They used the word graduation. So I’m guessing this group is employing After School’s system of recruitment and graduation. Ji Seung Yoon is a girl and just wanted to show her abilities the reason why she sent in a demo of her performance. We found out that she is actually the neice of the president of the entertainment company. Though Seung Yoon’s deception was found out, they decided to keep her around for a while fearing the backlash from fans for her removal since she placed first in the audition.

Right now, there are only 6 episodes that has aired. So far the show is ok I guess. Its not really mind blowing or innovativee in the plot but it is entertaining. It reminds me of You’re Beautiful actually. Its just that the main lead actress (Go Eun Ah) is more of a fighter than Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) of You’re Beautiful.

The plot is a little above average. The writers tried to show something new by using something we all are familiar with. But one thing I’m curious of. How will they explain it when her gender will be found out? At the start of the series, we are introduced to Ji Seung Yoon’s dream of performing music that she loves. And that carried her in the audtion. The fictional group she is in has now made their showcase. Her face is already out there. I can understand that there’s a safety net of reason in You’re Beautiful. Go Mi Nam has a twin. Go Min Nyu. But KPOP: The Ultimate Audtion doesn’t have that. From what I can see now, there is no way for Ji Seung Yoon (the girl) to debut without the public going against her. If she wants to perform, she will have to do so as Ji Seung Yoon (the boy).

Another thing, this show can be 10 times better if they had trimmed down the cast. The fictional group I think can stand as 5 members instead of 8. There’s just too many of them. Its already episode 6 and I can only emphasize with 3 of them. This is also why Heartstring failed as a show. Though Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa lead that drama, there were just too many character and too many stories to tell that it became boring midway.

To sum it up, the show is entertaining but not something I would want to recommend. I will watch it to the end though since I’m already invested to it. I just hope they could avoid being Heartstring Part 2. But saying that, I think the show is better than Love Rain and Fashion King. Love Rain is so The Classics. Well not totally like it but the vibe is. And Fashion King is as cheesy as cheese and so cliche. Sorry, I couldn’t sit through the first episode of Fashion King.

Pics: KPOP – The Ultimate Audition site


Block B can be the next big thing

March 23, 2012

Reader discretion is advised.

Yey, my first post in months. LOL at myself. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted in her FB a performance of a group called Block B. I don’t really know much of Block B since they came out when I was already in hiatus but I was really impressed in this performance of theirs. There’s nothing special about their dancing but their vocals and songs are something to look into.

After that surge of KPOP groups in 2009, talent started to dwindle in the people’s perception. As long as the group is pretty and the song is catchy, they’ll be a fan. An idol’s talent is no longer being put into question and excuses have been thrown left and right to explain an idol’s faulty vocals. I’ll be honest here 4minute (HyunA, SoHyun and JiHyun) and f(x) (well Sulli and Victoria) are groups that should have trained a few more years before they debuted. They are the epitome of the fall of KPOP quality music. But saying that, its very calming to see that there are still groups like Block B that can actually do live singing.

Block B I think is a mix of g.o.d. and Big Bang which I think can help them and at the same time hurt them. Comparisons to an establish group will always go against you. One of the members even sounds like TOP. But I think they’re the only ones so far who can actually follow the footsteps of Big Bang and g.o.d. Well, music-wise. Also, there isn’t really a group like them nowadays so they stood out so much.

As I said, I don’t know much of the group but their music does speaks for itself. I think it will be a matter of time until they will be up there. And I’m very sure that they will be up there for a long long time.

To those who haven’t heard Block B’s music, here’s are my recommendations ranked according to my liking.

01.) Halo
02.) Wanna B
03.) 싱크로율 100% (Synchronization 100%)
04.) Action
05.) I’m the Only One Like This? (나만 이런거야?)
06.) 난리나 (Go Crazy) (NalinA)
07.) Tell Them (가서 전해)
08.) U Hoo Hoo

I’m very excited to see what this group will bring out next. I can definitely say for certain that they are one of the best group that Korea has at the moment.

Video: MBCsimsimtapa@youtube


I’m Back

March 21, 2012

Well, not totally back. I’m gonna start posting again but not like my posts before. Its more on reactions and foreshadowing of some sort. I kinda miss blogging. Work has been really stressful and I think going back to this will help me with the stress in my life. Anyway, I will post every weekend. And maybe on the weekday when I have something I really wanna say.


[Chart] Gaon: 2010 October

November 20, 2010

It’s official, Supreme Team dominates October. It’s really ashame that they didn’t win any music show awards during the “Then Then Then” promotions though their song is the most popular this month. This shows how much power album sales really has. Idol group fans are known to be buying 2-3 albums a week. Hope in the future, non-idol groups can also get the recognition they truly deserve.

01 Supreme Team feat. Young Jun – Then Then Then
02 Kang Seung Yoon feat. Swings – 본능적으로
03 Gain – Irreversible
04 Miss A – Breathe
05 Gummy – I Love You Even If I Die
06 BEAST – Breath
07 2NE1 – Go Away
08 Sung Si Kyung & IU – It’s You
09 SNSD – Hoot
10 Im Jung Hee – It Can’t Be Real
11 2PM – I’ll Be Back
12 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
13 2AM – You wouldn’t Answer My Calls
14 SHINee – Hello
15 Davichi – Separating Twice
16 Psy – Right Now
17 Zia & 4Men – Crying, Calling
18 Psy – In My Eyes
19 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
20 Im Jung Hee feat. 2AM Jo Kwon – On the way to Break Up




10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – 4minute and Secret

November 14, 2010

As the title said, 4minute and Secret are not part of the 10 Most Talented Idol Groups. To some of you it is a shocker but I know some saw this coming already. I’ll be brutally honest in this post. I’ve always wanted to say this but too afraid of the backlash from their fans. I don’t want to be version2. But since I’m leaving soon, I think it won’t matter anymore what they think.

Of all the establish groups, I think 4minute is at the bottom. I mean I think they should have waited a few months or years training before they debuted. No offense, it’s just the truth. Jiyoon, Gayoon and even HyunA are ok, but the leader and the maknae are just too amateurish. I think Soyou of Sistar that supposed to be part of 4minute should have been part of the group instead of SoHyun and JiHyun.

I know I’m being harsh but I think there is truth to what I’m saying. What put 4minute in the map, is their songs. It has always been their songs. And I congratulate Cube Entertainment for picking amazing songs. In terms of choreography, they haven’t really made waves unlike the rest of the female groups. Again, I’m not saying 4minute sucks. I actually have high respects for Gayoon and Jiyoon but I just think JiHyun and SoHyun can’t keep up. In my opinion, HyunA, Jiyoon, and Gayoon are ok. With just these 3 to be 4minute, I think the group would be on top, but adding JiHyun and SoHyun, I think it degrades the performance of the 3 I mentioned.

Now with regards with Secret, I think they are an ok group. They can sing, and their rapper if good too. But there’s something missing. Do you ever went to a singing competition and have this contestant sing a Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston but you find yourself bored? That’s what Secret is. I mean, they can sing, but you will find yourself watching. Only watching. You know what I mean? I’m sorry, it seems like I can’t put it into words. You’ll get what I mean of you watch their debut song. There’s just something missing.

Anyway, that’s that. 2 gone and 20 remains in the hopes to be part of the “Ten Most talented Idol Groups”.
01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) B2ST
06.) Big Bang
07.) DBSK
08.) f(x)
09.) g.o.d
10.) Infinite
11.) MBLAQ
12.) Miss A
13.) SHINee
14.) Sistar
15.) SNSD
16.) SS501
17.) Super Junior
18.) Teen Top
19.) U-Kiss
20.) Wonder Girls

Just have to say this. It seems like the boy groups are outmatching the girl groups. There is this big possibility that no girl group will be on the top 10. We are talking about here group performance and not individual talent.