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Link Migration

June 13, 2011

It’s been a while guys. But to be clear, I’m not blogging once more. This post is just to inform you that the links to the music charts and everything else on my blog roll (Twitter, HomePage, Online Chart etc) will be migrated to my youtube channel.  I’m doing this as a favor to a friend. Don’t know why she wants it to be like that but it seems to mean a lot to her. Anyway, here’s the link to my channel.

Hope you guys an entertaining life. See you around…


10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – B2ST and U-Kiss

November 26, 2010

Here I am again for my farewell project. December is around the corner so I better speed up. As I promised, on the 1st of December I’ll post the 10th Most Talented Group. I have to eliminate four more to get my “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”. Looking at my pro-con list, B2ST and U-Kiss is not part of the elite 10. I’m actually surprise that both went this far but I can’t deny the numbers.

B2ST is first known as a group of rejects. Meaning there are members that almost made it as members of currently popular groups like 2pm and Big Bang. But as time goes by, they have made a name for themselves. The reason for their elimination is vocals and stage performance. As all of you know by now, I’m a dancer. I know and see what’s wrong in any routine, and what’s wrong with B2ST is their lack of harmony. Individually, they can dance, but the problem is that they don’t gel together. Watch their performances, someone is always half a second late. Also, they seem to not care about the details. My friends and I always do this “leg test” when judging our routine. Watch B2ST performances and take an extra effort in their legs. The angles and distance is all over the place. That means they need more practice. Details is important when your routine is fast. I mentioned this before, I really like their “Shock” choreography but they didn’t really deliver. Their timing is really off. I think if SHINee, Infinite or MBLAQ was given that song, it would have work.

Now with their vocals. I’m not saying their not in tune. But like their dancing, I think their voices doesn’t gel together. It’s actually weird. It’s like they have different styles and no one wants to back down to make the song work. Also, is it me or none of them have that voice. I don’t know that exact term. I think firm. I’m saying quality of voice. Reaching the notes is one thing but having a firm voice is another. I hope I’m saying it right. Compare the voices of MBLAQ’s Seungho, GO, SHINee’s JongHyun, Onew, Infinite’s WooHyun, Sunnggyu and U-Kiss’ Kevin, SooHyun to the vocalist of B2ST. The other groups’ vocalist is firm and full. I hope you get what I’m trying to say. I’m weak in terminology. I don’t remember the exact word so I hope you get what I mean. Technically, B2ST’s elimination is attributed to the lack harmony of their individual talents.

Now with U-Kiss, they’re good actually but not as good as the remaining groups. I know they have been criticize over and over because SooHyun and Kevin technically sings the entire song. But as I said in my previous post, this ranking rates the group’s performance. So having members singing just words doesn’t affect the ranking as long as the performance is good. And with regards to U-Kiss, their performances are good. They just lacks charisma and opportunity. Charisma in a sense that people would want to know then more and opportunity in a sense of having good songs. No one cares about U-Kiss before they released “Man Man Ha Ni”. So maybe if they were given songs like “Lucifer”, people would take interest in them more. This group can do other groups’ songs actually.

2 more are gone and only 12 remains in the hope to be part of the “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”.

01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) Big Bang
06.) DBSK
07.) f(x)
08.) g.o.d
09.) Infinite
10.) MBLAQ
11.) SHINee
12.) Wonder Girls

I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of B2ST and U-Kiss.

B2ST – Shock

U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul




[Chart] Gaon: 2010 October

November 20, 2010

It’s official, Supreme Team dominates October. It’s really ashame that they didn’t win any music show awards during the “Then Then Then” promotions though their song is the most popular this month. This shows how much power album sales really has. Idol group fans are known to be buying 2-3 albums a week. Hope in the future, non-idol groups can also get the recognition they truly deserve.

01 Supreme Team feat. Young Jun – Then Then Then
02 Kang Seung Yoon feat. Swings – 본능적으로
03 Gain – Irreversible
04 Miss A – Breathe
05 Gummy – I Love You Even If I Die
06 BEAST – Breath
07 2NE1 – Go Away
08 Sung Si Kyung & IU – It’s You
09 SNSD – Hoot
10 Im Jung Hee – It Can’t Be Real
11 2PM – I’ll Be Back
12 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody
13 2AM – You wouldn’t Answer My Calls
14 SHINee – Hello
15 Davichi – Separating Twice
16 Psy – Right Now
17 Zia & 4Men – Crying, Calling
18 Psy – In My Eyes
19 2NE1 – Clap Your Hands
20 Im Jung Hee feat. 2AM Jo Kwon – On the way to Break Up