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[Chart] Music Bank 2010/08/13

August 16, 2010

BoA won 1st place in Music Bank last Friday the 13th. It wasn’t really a surprise. I think everyone in the studio knows she will win. But I’m still not feeling her. Though she’s one of the biggest star in Kpop, I just feel like there’s a wall between us preventing me to understand what she’s all about. Anyway, maybe I only need time. Congrats to her still.

The album sales thing must really be so strong in SM artist. SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee and now BoA has won Music Bank purely because of album sales. Music Bank should really study their system. Remember, korean fans are crazy. They will go to lengths to immortalize their idols. It has been proven that SNSD and SuJu fans have been buying 3-5 albums to give them a win in Music Bank. Maybe changing the system a bit would be fair for non-SM artists. Every online charts have stated that DJ Doc is a more popular song. Anyway, that’s life.

Hurricane Venus
Digital score: 3404
Viewer preference score: 0
Album Sales: 9696
Broadcasting Score: 577
Total: 13677

I’m A Guy Like This
Digital score: 5382
Viewer preference score: 981
Album Sales: 1875
Broadcasting Score: 1443
Total: 9681

01 BoA – Hurricane Venus
02 DJ Doc – I’m A Guy Like This
03 SHINee – Lucifer
04 Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
05 Homme (Changmin & Lee Hyun) – I Was Able to Eat Well
06 Lee Seung Chul – No Such People
07 Se7en – Better Together
08 Davichi – From Me To You
09 Gilme – Sorry I Love You
10 G.NA – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better
11 Narsha – 삐리빠빠
12 IU and 2AM Seulong – Nagging
13 Son Dambi – Queen
14 Chaeyeon – Look Look Look
15 명콜드라이브 – 고래
16 MC Mong – Sick Enough to Die
17 Taeyang – I Need A Girl
18 BoA – Game
19 f(x) – NU ABO
20 DJ Doc – The letter I Couldn’t Send




[Chart] Music Bank 2010/08/06

August 11, 2010

Last Friday, SHINee won again over Miss A. And again, album sales alone gave SHINee the win. Check out the stats below. I think this will be the last Music Bank win for SHINee. Well at least I’m certain that they won’t win this Friday. BoA dominated Hanteo this week and she’s doing quite well on the online charts. I think DJ Doc and BoA will be the top 2 contenders with BoA winning.

Going back to SHINee, I’m really happy they’re going back to who they were in 2008. Lucifer is Daebak. I mean performance-wise. Great choreography, great execution. New kpop fanatics may not know but SHINee was known in 2008 by their amazing stage performance. Dance-wise. They were like what rookie group Infinite is showing now.

“Noona You’re So Pretty”, “Love Like Oxygen” and my favorite still “Amigo”. I really felt bad when SM decided to follow the girl group trend of catchy moves for SHINee. “Juliette” and “Ring Ding Dong” were so toned down it felt like it was a different group though “Ring Ding Dong” put SHINee on the map. I’m really excited for SHINee to perform as 5 again. Plus, ditch those backup dancers. They were a bit of a distraction.

Hope Minho recovers soon. Check out the dance practice of Lucifer.

Digital score: 2460
Viewer preference score: 1192
Album Sales: 10200
Broadcasting Score: 1277
Total: 15129

Bad Girl Good Girl
Digital score: 5557
Viewer preference score: 748
Album Sales: 215
Broadcasting Score: 2143
Total: 8663

01 SHINee – Lucifer
02 Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
03 Lee Seung Chul – No Such People
04 DJ Doc – I’m A Guy Like This
05 Son Dambi – Queen
06 Narsha – 삐리빠빠
07 IU and 2AM Seulong – Nagging
08 G.NA – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better
09 Taeyang – I Need A Girl
10 Se7en – Better Together
11 MC Mong – Sick Enough to Die
12 Jang Yoon Jung – Come
13 명콜드라이브 – 고래
14 Chaeyeon – Look Look Look
15 4minute – I My Me Mine
16 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
17 Orange Caramel – Magic Girls
18 Kan Mi Yeon feat. MBLAQ Mir – Crazy
19 Homme (Changmin & Lee Hyun) – I Was Able to Eat Well
20 Super Junior – No Other