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[Chart] Music Bank 2009/07/24

July 27, 2009

2NE1 won their first 1st place finish in Music Bank last July 24. It must have been heart breaking for SONEs considering that SNSD lost by mere 7 points. It just shows how important each vote is. I know SNSD must have been disappointed as well. You can actually see it in Jessica’s face when they announced the winner.

01 2NE1 – I Don`t Care
02 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
03 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
04 Drunken Tiger – True Romance
05 2PM – I Hate You
06 Outsider – Alone
07 4minute – Hot Issue
08 FT Island – I Hope
09 SHINee – Juliette
10 Seo Taiji – Morning Snow
11 Brown Eyed Girls – Candy Man
12 8eight – Goodbye, My Love
13 WAX – Finally You
14 V.O.S – Something Is Up
15 2NE1 – Fire
16 Clazziquai Project – Love Again
17 One Two – Starry Night
18 SNSD – Etude
19 Davichi, SeeYa & Ji Yeon – Women’s Generation
20 2PM – Again & again

The comeback of the Brown Eyed Girls was quite good. Kara and T-ara will be joining the stage by next week. Let’s see how the battle of the girl bands will go. Anyway, here’s 2NE1’s Music Bank performance.




[Chart] Music Bank 2009/07/17

July 20, 2009

This chart is kinda late but what the hell, I’ll post it still. As all of you might have known by now, 2NE1 outpass SNSD this week. But only with a small margin. This is the first week of release of 2NE1 debut album and usually the first is the best the album will sell. Next week could go either way. It can even go to the Infinity Challenge people. I heard they’ve been doing surprisingly well in sales. But this week it’s 2NE1. Let’s give them the spotlight they truly deserve.

Here’s the ranking for this week:
01 2NE1 – I Don`t Care
02 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
03 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
04 Drunken Tiger – True Romance
05 4minute – HOT ISSUE
06 2pm – I Hate You
07 Outsider – Alone
08 SHINee – Juliette
09 Seo Taiji – Morning Show
10 SS501 Jungmin – Don’t Do It
11 8eight – Goodbye, My Love
12 2NE1 Fire
13 V.O.S – SOmething Is Up
14 SNSD – Etude
15 Davichi, SeeYa, & Ji Yeon – Women’s Generation
16 WAX – Finally, It Was You
17 Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
18 Super Junior – It’s You
19 One Two – Starry Night
20 Kim Yong Joon – Couple

And here’s the Music Bank performance of 2NE1. Enjoy! It’s really a very nice song.





[Chart] Music Bank 2009/07/10

July 10, 2009

SNSD has won another Music Bank award. This time with the song ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’. It’s not really that surprising that they won. A lot of netizens does say that they’ll win. None can deny them number one if you base it with their album sales.

01 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
02 Seo Taiji – Morning Snow
03 4minute – Hot Issue
04 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
05 Outsider – Alone
06 2pm – I Hate You
07 SHINee – Juliette
08 V.O.S – Something Is Up
09 Drunken Tiger – True Romance
10 8eight – Goodbye My Love
11 2ne1 – I Don’t Care
12 Davichi, SeeYa, & Ji Yeon – Women’s Generation
13 Super Junior – It’s You
14 Kim Yong Joon – Couple
15 Koyote – Nonsense
16 Chae Yeon – Shake
17 SG Wannabe – I Love You
18 K.Will – 1 Second One Drop
19 MC the Max – Rewind and Rewind
20 Son Dam Bi – On A Saturday Night

This week was an easy win for SNSD but come next week, the games will begin. No offense to SNSD fan but I think the hype is fading for Soshi. From what I see, I hear, I read, 2ne1 is the news. What people love about 2ne1 is that they give something new to the audience. Also, their songs are quite varied unlike the one dimensionality of SNSD’s songs. It’s always the innocent path. I’m very excited for next week. I think 2ne1 might win. Meanwhile, here’s SNSD’s Music Bank performance.