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MBLAQ will be part of JYPE?

December 30, 2010

Well, that’s what it said in this allkpop article. I mean that’s how I understand the article. I think J.Tunes will be no more and everything that’s J.Tunes will be under JYP. Again, that’s how I understood the article. The post keeps stating merge but they’re changing the name. It might be mistranslated but allkpop quoted, meaning it came directly from people who knows this news in its entirety. If this is like how I understood it, it would be a plus to MBLAQ. JYP can give the group what it needs, which is a good song. Maybe it was too early for Rain to go out on his own. But then again, if J.Tunes wasn’t created, MBLAQ would not have come to exist.