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K-POP : The Ultimate Audition

April 8, 2012

This week was Easter and so I needed a show to marathon to pass the time. A dongsaeng of mine recommended this show of Go Eun Ah, KPOP: The Ultimate Audition. For those who do not know, she’s MBLAQ Mir’s older sister.

Before anything else, reader’s discretion is advised.

Brief summary, Ji Seung Yoon auditioned with her friend Kwon Ji Woo in a search for new members that will replace half of an established boy group M2. They used the word graduation. So I’m guessing this group is employing After School’s system of recruitment and graduation. Ji Seung Yoon is a girl and just wanted to show her abilities the reason why she sent in a demo of her performance. We found out that she is actually the neice of the president of the entertainment company. Though Seung Yoon’s¬†deception was found out, they decided to keep her around for a while fearing the backlash from fans for her removal since she placed first in the audition.

Right now, there are only 6 episodes that has aired. So far the show is ok I guess. Its not really mind blowing or innovativee in the plot but it is entertaining. It reminds me of You’re Beautiful actually. Its just that the main lead actress (Go Eun Ah) is more of a fighter than Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) of You’re Beautiful.

The plot is a little above average. The writers tried to show something new by using something we all are familiar with. But one thing I’m curious of. How will they explain it when her gender will be found out? At the start of the series, we are introduced to Ji Seung Yoon’s dream of performing music that she loves. And that carried her in the audtion. The fictional group she is in has now made their showcase. Her face is already out there. I can understand that there’s a safety net of reason in You’re Beautiful. Go Mi Nam has a twin. Go Min Nyu. But KPOP: The Ultimate Audtion doesn’t have that. From what I can see now, there is no way for Ji Seung Yoon (the girl) to debut without the public going against her. If she wants to perform, she will have to do so as Ji Seung Yoon (the boy).

Another thing, this show can be 10 times better if they had trimmed down the cast. The fictional group I think can stand as 5 members instead of 8. There’s just too many of them. Its already episode 6 and I can only emphasize with 3 of them. This is also why Heartstring failed as a show. Though Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa lead that drama, there were just too many character and too many stories to tell that it became boring midway.

To sum it up, the show is entertaining but not something I would want to recommend. I will watch it to the end though since I’m already invested to it. I just hope they could avoid being Heartstring Part 2. But saying that, I think the show is better than Love Rain and Fashion King. Love Rain is so The Classics. Well not totally like it but the vibe is. And Fashion King is as cheesy as cheese and so cliche. Sorry, I couldn’t sit through the first episode of Fashion King.

Pics: KPOP РThe Ultimate Audition site


U-Kiss Comes Back Rocking

February 7, 2010

U-Kiss continues the image they have built in Man Man Ha Ni, and I think it is working. They did beat SNSD in Hanteo chart for one day. I didn’t like “Bingeul Bingeul” at first but it grew on me. It’s very catchy and I seriously like the choreography. It’s my style. However, I don’t think U-Kiss will be getting first in music shows anytime soon. With SNSD, 2am and CN Blue around, it would be a mountain for U-Kiss to climb.

Going over their comeback performances, I like Music Bank the most. Maybe because they showed the first part of the choreography. I liked that part the most. The members doing their own thing then suddenly go to this synchronous series of events. I would have to agree with most people that “Bingeul Bingeul” does have this great similarity to “Man Man Ha Ni” but I think the similarity is not that big. Both songs can stand on their own.

Music Bank

Music Core


Just a side note, I think Eli became the face of U-Kiss when the group was promoting “Man Man Ha Ni”. Eli isn’t really that good looking compared to the rest of Kpop but his hair at “Man Man Ha Ni” is soooo cool. A wanna have that coolness but I don’t think I can carry the look. It’s too bad that he change it for their “Bingeul Bingeul” promotion. He should have stick with it. Look at SNSD’s Jessica. The blond worked for her and she’s been keeping it ever since. Here’s some pics to compare.

Also, Kibum is starting to look so much like his brother. I’m not sure if it’s good thing or a bad thing though. And Dongho. I still can’t believe how grown up he is now. It’s like seeing the sprouse twins grow up. Lastly, Kiseop in this song looks like the guy in Boys over Flower. The guy that kidnapped Jandi so he can get revenge at Junpyo. Well, maybe it’s just me.

Another thing I notice, U-Kiss seems to be the most powerful dancing group out there. I never actually noticed it before but “Without You” and “Bingeul Bingeul” really showed U-Kiss vocal prowess. Well, maybe just Soohyun and Kevin. Watch their Music Bank comeback and you’ll get what I mean. It’s very hard to reach that high of a note and dancing at the same time.

As I said above, I don’t expect U-Kiss to be winning charts or shows with their new song but this is a step up for them. They definitely be more known with “Bingeul Bingeul”. Maybe their new song is what will become a sensation. Goodluck to them.