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Sulli and Krystal, doing a Taeyeon

August 13, 2010

F(x) is definitely the future of SM. With SNSD leaving for Japan, all eyes are now set to F(x). 24/7, netizens will be on watch. And recently, Sulli and Krystal were accused of having no manners just like what Taeyeon did to Music Bank. Ok, I understand that their schedule might have been unbearable and they were tired and all, but they’re celebrities for GOD sake. This is the price of fame. If they can’t handle the heat then they should get off the pan.

I actually think Sulli and Krystal did something. The staff may have exaggerated but I’m pretty sure the two did something wrong. Sulli and Krystal were with Victoria and Luna that time but the staff only had praises for the latter two.

I hope people will understand that the staff people have the same schedule as the artists. Yes, Sulli and Krystal have previous engagements but the staff did all the preparation. Both Sulli and Krystal and the staff pretty much have the same work. Everyone is doing what they’re suppose to so there’s no reason to be rude.

I hope that this will be a lesson to them. This is actually strike two for Krystal. It’s ok to be frank and honest but it’s not ok if it will lead to disaster.

The life of a celebrity has its price. You have to change a part of you. They have to remember, little kids look up to them. If they see their idols being rude and hurtful, they will think its ok to be like that. Imagine a world where everyone just say what they want to say. Imagine a world where people throw tantrums if they can’t get what they want. Imagine a world where everyone push you down when something happens beyond your control. How scary is that?

I’ll say it again. Yes, they’re humans. They have emotions. But they’re celebrities. That’s all to it.