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Online Streaming Link

December 29, 2010

I watch music shows most of the time in They air everything that has to do with Kpop. Well, not everything actually. But you can guarantee that this link will be able to help you watch music shows (M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo). And according to my sources, they will also air the Gayo Festivals. So enjoy! Another thing I will leave you guys.

I’ll try to update the links on my blogroll but I won’t promise anything. Though it’s vacation. I do have a lot of things to do.

Try this link as well.


10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – Kara, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow and ZE:A

November 5, 2010

Again, I have trimmed the list for my “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”. As said in the title, Kara, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow and ZE:A are not one of “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”. I don’t think it’s even a shock for you guys knowing what these 4 can do and what the remaining groups can do.

Let’s start with the newcomer, Rainbow. I’ll say it now. I don’t know much about this group. I researched on them but only got so little. You might say that’s it’s unfair for me to judge them so early. But as an onlooker, if they’re not showing much, all I can assume is that they don’t have anything more.

Rainbow can dance. I think even better than Kara. But vocally, they don’t have that variety. Yes, a few can hit notes but hitting notes doesn’t mean singing right? So comparing them with the people on the list and having their performances as basis, they have to be eliminated.

Moving on to ZE:A, this is one of the biggest disappointment in KPOP I think. I’m not saying they suck. They are really popular nowadays but the thing is, I think they’re just average talent-wise. Probably it’s the song given to them. They’re not able to show much because of the song. ZE:A is a nine member group and I cannot understand why their routine is that easy. There are 9 of them to share the song, and the singing parts are not really distributed that evenly. After School is an 8-member female group (soon to be nine) and I’m in disbelief that After School’s routines are harder than the 9-member male group ZE:A.

No offense, but it really does seem like Star Empire created ZE:A as a boy next door group. You know what I mean? A group that will survive because of their looks. I know they work hard but from what I can see, ZE:A’s working hard is like other group’s slacking off. Again no offense intended but it’s the harsh truth.

T-ara is one of the best girl group in terms of vocals I think. As a whole T-ara can sing but if they dance at the same time, I think that’s the problem. Two or three members find it hard to sing and dance at the same time. Maybe that’s why their routines are a bit sluggish before “I Go Crazy Because of You” and why their vocals was harshly criticized at the promotion of the said song. They can’t sing and dance at the same time which is the downfall of T-ara when compared to other groups.

Brown Eyed Girls is the oldest in my list but I think you would agree that they should leave this early on my list. Gain, Narsha, Miryo and Jea can really sing. But in Kpop today, if you’re deemed as an idol you have to also be good in dancing which the Brown Eyed Girls lacks.

And finally, Kara. Kara is the most popular of this 5 that I eliminated but I think it’s only just, that they went out this early. What put Kara on top is their songs. Not their singing or dancing but their songs. You kinda can compare them to SNSD. SNSD is actually known for their songs also. But SNSD is sync (well, because of easy routine) and a few of the members of SNSD can really sing. When we compare Kara to them, I think Kara is a bit behind. I’m starting to lose my words. I don’t know what to say anymore to justify Kara’s elimination. But I think you will agree if you compare Kara to those that remained.

Do comment if you have some violent reactions.

5 gone and 22 remains in the hopes to be part of the “Ten Most talented Idols”.
01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) 4minute
05.) After School
06.) B2ST
07.) Big Bang
08.) DBSK
09.) f(x)
10.) g.o.d
11.) Infinite
12.) MBLAQ
13.) Miss A
14.) Secret
15.) SHINee
16.) Sistar
17.) SNSD
18.) SS501
19.) Super Junior
20.) Teen Top
21.) U-Kiss
22.) Wonder Girls



Dance Versions Part 4

November 4, 2010

Last batch. If you know any dance versions of artists that I have not posted yet, please do comment.

U-Kiss’ “Man Man Ha ni”

BEAST’s “Shock”

ZE:A’s “All Day Long”

I think, dance versions are an awesome way to see what idols can do. Nowadays, idol groups tend to follow the “the more the merrier” belief. It’s hard to track who can do what. Also, dance versions are an easy way to copy the moves. Hope more dance versions will be uploaded.