A Scandal in the Making?

June 30, 2009

Fan girls are very much familiar with ‘Mnet Scandal’. For those who don’t know, it’s a show where a celebrity is paired up with a fan and they both pretend to be a couple for a week. The first time I found out about the show was with 2pm’s Nichkhun episode. I don’t know if there was any episode before him.

I saw the episode. Actually, it was the only episode I watched. The premise of the show isn’t really that interesting. I’ve seen better shows in MTV. I think the only reason the show is getting the attention it has been receiving is because of the attitude of the fans. Korean fans can be crazily possessive. And that’s what make this show fun for me. It’s not what the show gives but what the fans react to that makes the show worth making.

FT Island’s Hongki went next after Nichkhun. There wasn’t much hype to his episode as much there was with Nichkhun’s. I have a theory to it though. 2pm is an idol group while FT Island is a band. From what I know, there are more crazy fan girls in an idol group than with a band. FT Island fans are more diverse in gender.

A week ago, Mnet found another idol to help break the hearts of fans. Again a 2pm member. I found out about this actually through seoulbeats. Ellie was so pissed because Mnet got Taecyeon a girl. I really like Ellie. She’s very transparent and animated. She even threatened Mnet not to put Jaebeom on the show. Anyway, blogs were bombarded with fan girls crazy comments. I haven’t really seen the episode, but from what I heard, Taecyeon was very comfortable with the girl. Maybe the girl is the girl. He did say he wants to get married when he’s 27.

And now, Mnet’s new target are the I ams. Pictures of 2am’s Seulong and Jo Kwon has recently surfaced. I’m really interested in Jo Kwon’s episode. He seems gay. But then again, he is Korean. Guys are okay to be feminine like him and yet still be straight.

I’m really excited who’ll Mnet get next. DBSK and Bigbang are definitely impossible because of their promotional activities in Japan. Unless, they bring the girl in Japan for a whole week or they’ll choose a Japanese girl to be in the scandal. I highly doubt these are options since Mnet isn’t that well off like KBS, MBC, and SBS. Well, judging from the stage of their music program.

If Mnet people are smart, they’ll get a 2pm or a Super Junior member. No doubt, the two are the hottest boy bands in Korea today, with Bigbang, DBSK, and I think SS501 expanding their popularity to other countries. Well, there’s SHINee but I think they’re too young to be in a relationship as serious as what Mnet’s trying to show. Correct me if I’m wrong with SS501. I think they’re also expanding but I’m not so sure.

I 90% think that it’s gonna be one of these guys who is next.



  1. Why Wooyoung and Donghae? How ’bout Chansung and Eunhyuk?

    • Hehe, I don’t know iy your mad or surprised. I don’t think Chansung would be picked because the guy is quite busy these days with the introducing a star’s friend show and the japanese show he’s hosting.

  2. i just hope the show gets cancel.. call me crazy but i couldn’t bear to see our idols dating.. mnet should find old idols who are still single and find scandals for them ;p
    no more 2pm guys for the show, please!!~

  3. i’m sorry i don’t wanna sound annoying but who or what is “Ellie” ?
    but this show is seriously too much for me! it’s not even entertaining at all! i was so happy after hearing that they are not doing this show with jaebum ^^ mnet please stop it with taecyeon no more 2pm member please….

    • Ellie is a writer in seoulbeats.com. She has this crush on Jaebeom and Taecyeon of 2pm. I like the site. You should check it once in a while. They offer lots of stuff that allkpop and K Bites don’t. I like their video commentaries.

  4. I really think this is pointless.
    all fangirls will honestly go mad .
    I was so pissed off, cause honestly
    whats that girl thinking, she’ll get
    bashed by everyone, and its much
    easier for the fact shes a normal girl.
    and I’d cry to the point I can’t cry anymore
    if they get another guy , call me crazy too.
    but I’m 100 % guaranteed I wont
    be the only one melancholy TT~TT

  5. OH NOONONONONNONNNoNNNOPOOOOOO! Big Bang can never be on this show. if they are to be on this show. i think MNET is going to wake up in nightmare! crazy VIP will hunt them down.., moring, day, evening and night. no doubt!!!

  6. I just realize. Super Junior is going on tour soon and Junho has the Japan show. I think it’s going to be Wooyoung. Let’s just see.

  7. Is the show scripted?
    I also heard that the girl they choose is someone who is trying to break out into the entertainment industry. Is that true?
    Sorry if these questions were already answered… I’m new to this show.
    Thanks in advance!

    • I also don’t follow the show. I don’t know about the girls being trainees but I know the girls in Introducing a Friend are the ones who want to break into the industry.

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  9. Super post. I’m a major BTS Fan. I was long-time ARMY Fan since 2013.
    I listen to all Kpop tunes, and Bangtan Boys and BlackPink
    are typically the 2 kpop team that I liked the best.

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