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Link Migration

June 13, 2011

It’s been a while guys. But to be clear, I’m not blogging once more. This post is just to inform you that the links to the music charts and everything else on my blog roll (Twitter, HomePage, Online Chart etc) will be migrated to my youtube channel.  I’m doing this as a favor to a friend. Don’t know why she wants it to be like that but it seems to mean a lot to her. Anyway, here’s the link to my channel.

Hope you guys an entertaining life. See you around…


Best Kpop Dance Cover

December 31, 2010

I’ve been into Kpop for three years now. And from that three years, I’ve seen so much dance cover of Kpop. But two have remained in my mind and in my opinion the best kpop dance cover so far. Well, I think it’s a cover. Some people are saying these are the choreographers of the SHINee and 2PM. If they are indeed the choreographers, I would just say the best performance by a non-idol performers of a Kpop song. LOL.

2PM – Only You

SHINee – Replay



Online Streaming Link

December 29, 2010

I watch music shows most of the time in They air everything that has to do with Kpop. Well, not everything actually. But you can guarantee that this link will be able to help you watch music shows (M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo). And according to my sources, they will also air the Gayo Festivals. So enjoy! Another thing I will leave you guys.

I’ll try to update the links on my blogroll but I won’t promise anything. Though it’s vacation. I do have a lot of things to do.

Try this link as well.


4th Most Talented Idol Group: 2PM

December 27, 2010

The ranking seems to be predictable already. I know a couple of you already have 2PM in mind as the next one.

2PM got up high in this ranking because they do have talent to outperform those that were eliminated before them. “Again and Again” was the song that catapulted the group to where they are now. Well, their Idol Army hosting job also might have had a hand on that. So far, the said song is still their best. “Again and Again” showcased and highlighted 2PM’s vocals and stage presence. Also, their manly image made them stood out from the rest of the boy groups since most if not all of these groups are banking on the cute image.

We all know 2PM can dance, but so does U-Kiss, Infinite, and MBLAQ. What sets 2PM apart from other dancing group is their vocals. They are very good live. 2PM has the strongest vocals of a male group currently active. Again, as a group. When I say strong, I don’t mean reaching those high notes. What I mean is that even in low register notes, the vocals are impressive. Though 2PM is not as varied as 2AM, they are very good at what they are. To think of it, all of JYPE artists are very good at what they are. Hmm. Plus points again for JYP.

A clear example is Hwang Chansung. 2PM’s maknae vocals are in the lower octave. His range can be compared to MBLAQ’s Chundong, U-Kiss Dongho, and Infinite’s L. But I ask you, who can sing better if ask to sing the same song? Again, 2PM like 2AM and g.o.d. are very good on what they are. They may not be able to sing 2AM songs as a group but they’re perfect if they’re given songs that fit them as a group.

My main concern with 2PM right now is that their talent is not maximize. “Again and Again” is an epic song because of it’s execution amidst its difficulty. But after their “Time for Change” promotion, their songs have been “theatrical” (heartbeat) and “easy” (Without You and I’ll Be Back). They clearly are following the girl group trend of catchy songs and dance but “Again and Again” was also catchy. Why won’t they go back to that?

I read in allkpop that Taecyeon decides if a song should be included or not. So maybe he’s a reason why 2PM’s songs are all so easy. I’ll say it outright since I’ll be gone soon, I think it won’t even matter if I say it. I don’t like Taecyeon. He’s the reason why I abandoned my fandom of 2PM aside for the fact that their songs have literally declined in appreciation. Since Jay Park left 2PM, all eyes were set on Taecyeon. And Taecyeon is loving it which was a turn off for me. Do you guys had this loser schoolmate in high school that wants to be popular so much, he’d do anything? That’s what I see on Taecyeon. Remember the SNSD Sunny thing? The SNSD Yuri thing? SNSD YonnA thing? And recently, the SNSD Jessica thing? Can you see a pattern? I don’t hate Taecyeon, it’s more of dislike. His antics are just so pathetic, it’s sad. I mean he’s a singer for god-sake not a stripper.

Going back to 2PM, I do hope that JYP will provide 2PM with songs that live to the groups’ potential. How can an artist grow if you’ll just be giving him things he can already do. It’s just like trying to learn Mathematics but all the teacher is teaching is addition and subtraction.

I’ll end it here. I’ll leave you with my favorite performances of 2PM.

2PM – Friday Night

2PM – Only You




ShockedFan’s 30 Most Recommended Kpop Songs

December 23, 2010

I have only a week left of blogging. And before I go, I would like to share to the new Kpop enthusiasts, 30 of what I feel the most well written songs in Kpop. These songs have remained in my playlist for quite some time and I hope you guys will take some time and listen and appreciate them.

01.) 2AM – 이 노래 (This Song)
02.) 2pm – Angel
03.) 2pm – Tik Tok
04.) 4Minute – What a Girl Wants
05.) After School – Because of You
06.) B2ST – Oasis
07.) Big Bang – 멍청한 사랑 (Foolish Love)
08.) Big Bang – Always
09.) Big Bang – haru Haru (Acoustic Version)
10.) DBSK – 넌 나의 노래 (You’re My Melody)
11.) F.Cuz – 친구졸업 (Friends Graduation)
12.) Fly to the Sky – Sea of Love
13.) g.o.d. – 길 (Road)
14.) g.o.d. – 헤어짐보다 아픈 그리움 (Longing is More Painful than Break Up)
15.) Hot Potato – Confession
16.) Jisun – Rollercoaster Love
17.) Kara – Lupin
18.) Kim Hyung Seob – 사랑해요 (Sassy Girl Chun Hyang OST)
19.) Lee Hyori – U Go Girl
20.) MBLAQ – Good Luv
21.) Nell – 기억을 걷는 시간 (Time Spent Walking through Memories)
22.) NRG – 친구 (Friend)
23.) SHINee – JoJo
24.) SHINee – Replay
25.) Supernova & T-ara – TTL 2 Listen
26.) Sweet Reira Lee Ssang & Lee Hyori – The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave
27.) Rain – Rainism
28.) T-Max – 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Fight the Bad Feeling)
29.) Wonder Girls – 미안한 마음 (A Sorry Heart)
30.) Wonder Girls – So Hot

It’s been a long 3 years since I got into Kpop. And now, I’m leaving for good. No regrets. This must happen.


ShockedFan’s 10 Most Recommended Routines

December 18, 2010

As some of you might know, I’m a dancer. And one thing that kept me in Kpop was the undeniably amazing routines. In my departure, I want to share the ten routines that I seriously adore. I hope in the future, Korea will show more quality music and performance. If you think about it, a lot of performance today are banking on the fan service factor which I’m not holding them against. That is what their fans want. But if they’re not cute or pretty or handsome, will the routine work? Anyway, here are the ten routines I wished will still be recognize after my departure.

Again, this article is about the routine, not the artist.

2pm – Again and Again

After School – Bang

B2ST – Shock


SHINee – Lucifer

SHINee – Replay

Super Junior U

Wonder Girls – Irony

Wonder Girls – So Hot

U-Kiss – Bingeul Bingeul



20 Most Popular Kpop Artist in Facebook

December 17, 2010

As of Dec 17, here are the top 20 Korean artist in Facebook. I provided the link for reference.

01.) Super Junior – 1,483,914 link
02.) Big Bang – 624,207 link
03.) 2NE1 – 531,161 link
04.) Wonder Girls – 513,586 link
05.) 2PM – 513,525 link
06.) U-Kiss – 415,559 link
07.) Rain – 285,913 link
08.) BoA – 265,833 link
09.) SHINee – 258,445 link
10.) SS501 – 254,475 link
11.) SNSD – 244,945 link
12.) Super Junior M – 225,545 link
13.) T-ara – 207,880 link
14.) MBLAQ – 198,795 link
15.) 2AM – 167,145 link
16.) DBSK – 137,206 link
17.) After School – 107,475 link
18.) Brown Eyed Girls – 66,487 link
19.) 4Minute – 51,164 link
20.) Kara – 46,184 link

Seeing the ranking, it’s a bit surprising that the artist that are dominating Korea right now, didn’t even made it to the top 10. SNSD and 2AM are way down on the chart. I’m especially surprise that SNSD is that low. I mean they sell so much album but yet they don’t have that much fans overseas. Hmm. So SNSD fans does buy more than 1 album to provide a win for them in music shows. Also, I’m surprise that U-Kiss is so high in the ranking and DBSK is so low. Maybe this does prove that U-Kiss is more popular outside Korea. Just like Supernova.

I apologize, I did not see that Super Junior fan page.

Anyway, congrats to Super Junior for being the most popular Korean artist on Facebook. This is a big accomplishment since Facebook is a worldwide social networking site unlike Daum. Feel free to comment if there’s any inconsistencies with what I wrote or if I have forgotten an artist.

I checked and double checked and tripled checked the information above after I had that mistake on Super Junior. I am confident that at Dec 17, these are the most popular facebook groups of the artist that was mentioned. As the days goes by, these FB page will grow and I can’t keep updating this post.