Male idols are gay?

September 20, 2009

I introduced Kpop to my friend recently and he commented on the femininity of some male idols. My friend asked me if they were gay and actually I don’t know what to say. When I first got into Kpop, I was surprise myself how touchy these guys are. Initially I thought they were gay but as time pass, I just tell myself that they’re doing fan service. Come to think of it, I can’t think of any gay entertainer that has come out in Korea. Is homosexuality prohibited in Korean entertainment?

Anyway, I came up with a list of male idols that I feel are on the other side of the fence. I also took some input from my friend. To those fans of these guys, please don’t be mad. It’s just an opinion. It doesn’t mean that they are.

1.) Heechul – Super Junior
2.) Jo Kwon – 2am
3.) Leeteuk – Super Junior
4.) Seung Ri – Big Bang
5.) Key – SHINee
6.) Sungmin – Super Junior
7.) Jaejoong – DBSK
8.) Ryeowook – Super Junior

We don’t think anyone in 2pm has a feminine manner. Also SS501 are pretty but they haven’t done anything to make anyone outside of Korea doubt their sexual preference.


  1. Funny,

    6 SM
    1 YG
    1 JYP

    I agree with Heechul and Jo Kwon because they do seem so gay. I wonder how they’ll fair when they do their military service.

    I read somewhere that jaejoong takes pictures of his members when their in the shower and when they do their business.

    Seung-ri does seem to like it when G-Dragon is cuddling him. Brother love? Might be.

    Key, is Heechul in the making.

    Kinda surprise to see Ryeowook there. Other than him, the sexuality of everyone in the list was questioned at least one point in time.

    • “Kinda surprise to see Ryeowook there. Other than him, the sexuality of everyone in the list was questioned at least one point in time.”

      OMFG!!!! Ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you must be joking me right?!!!! Ryeowook is the MOST questionable!

      • hey! i don’t think ryeowook is a gay. Even his actions is quite feminine it doesnt mean that he is a gay. But some SuJu members are questionable to their genders, specially to those who link to ryeowook.. and i think that their just doing it to their fans, even though it can question to their real genders.

        just respect what their really are.

      • @Yui, You’re right! Ryeowook’s sexuality is also questionable. He is too feminine and never heard to have a girlfriend.

  2. This might be true. I have seen a few other stars that seem the same way.
    If it is… we shouldn’t talk about them…pray for them.

  3. I actually heard that something already happened with Heechul and Siwon or Hankyung if not both. Well, it’s a rumor that has been going around.

    The rumor also said that Siwon likes kissing Heechul and Heechul likes Hankyung.

    • @Luna, where did you get that? That’s a bit too harsh of an allegation don’t you think?

    • f#$%king-emo-s%$t, oh no!!!! not my hankyung!!!!
      he’s too young to be molested by someone like heechul… and i know someone that is so into heechul that she would die just hearing this news… is this for real?! is there such rumor?!

  4. You missed a few of them.

    1) 2PM’s Chansung. I don’t know why but my instincts tell me so.
    2) Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. I’m completely positive that he’s bisexual. IT’S MY OPINION.

    • well i just hope then your instincts are wrong about chansung do you have a gay dart or is just because he like skinship (touch people)???

      • en que te basas que chansung es gay?porque si hablamos de delicados todos los grupos de ese pais lo serian no crees?

    • EunHyuk is not gay. LMAO!

  5. Sorry, I also forgot one person.

    Big Bang’s D-Gragon. I am convinced he’s gay. completely positive, in fact.

    • LOL. No way.
      G-Dragon isn’t gay at all. He’s just really into his fashion & looks. It’s not his fault he’s a celebrity and his stylists want him to look good. He’s also really friendly towards other people, so you can mistake him for being gay. He’s basically just like a big hyung. LOL

    • I’m bigbang fans so i give my opinion. I’m pretty sure he’s not gay. He’s just dont give a sh*it what generally people thinking. He’s kind of breaking the habbit person..in this case is for fashion. I think he could be bisex but not pure gay. I found sometimes he act crazy too attrached more girls attention. You shoud see him in reality show cals ”maricoulus victory and defeat” (CMIIW). He’s very manly there. OMO.

  6. I don’t agree with Leeteuk and Ryeowook. The rest, they seem gay. Especially, Heechul and Jo Kwon. Leeteuk might be a jerk but he’s no gay. And Ryeowook? Where did that came from?

    A few years from now, I think Key and Minho of SHINee will have an issue like Heechul and Hankyung. That would be funny.

    My gay friend thinks that Sungmin and Eunhyuk of Super Junior are doing it.

    Seung-ri? I don’t know if what he’s doing with G-Dragon is brotherly love or flirtation.

    Jaejoong can actually pass as a girl.

    • i don’t think also that ryeowook is a gay nor leeteuk.
      They just act like that, just think having fun.

      can’t imagine what thier really doing off cam.

    • Yeah, Sungmin and Eunhyuk most probably. If not bisexual, gay. Some Korean ELF’s even said that Kyuhyun is a bisexual.

  7. I don’t think they’re gay. Korean men are just much more feminine than the western men.

    I’m confused with Heechul though. He did kissed Sungmin and Siwon.

    • Heechul tongued them two.

  8. haha..super junior member top the list..4 out of 8..haha

    i think,,they are not gay…fan service i think

  9. Sabi ng friend ko dapat kasama raw daw diyan si Siwon. Nagustuhan raw niya yung kiss ni Heechul. Hehe.

    • so that rumor is true?

      and that doesn’t mean that the Super Junior are gay group right?

  10. I think that Seung Ri’s not as gayish as GD. I love GD and he’s cute and all, but all that make-up, new (girly) hairstyle and cuddling with SR and TOP just makes you want to say “Hmm, bended perhaps?”.

  11. I doubt that ryeowook is gay!!!

  12. Please include donghae in the list..so gay!

    • Donghae is not gay !!!

    • Donghae is not gay!!!

    • i think donghae just a bisexual, not a gay…
      and my instict say that gikwang beast is one of them…

  13. hmmmm . I heard that Kyuhyun and Sungmin are the lovers , and they also share the same room ..!!
    I don’t know about the others not sure , even though sungmins said he hate the gays and they disgust him ” strange words came from that funny mouth ” I would die from my laughing about him,, I bet he don’t know what he is talking about

    • Hahahaha…. yeah right! And there are lot of evidences about their special relationship. Although no confirmations have ever been heard from Sungmin and Kyuhyun yet.
      And yeah, it is my first time to hear that Sungmin said that he hates gays. It is funny because he himself acts like a gay. It is surprising for him to say that.

  14. wookie is not gay, he is kinda girly that’s all.

    • yeah! that’s right!
      wookie is not a gay at all..

  15. Yeah wookie is not , who said there is a Bi or Gay in the world !!!!!

  16. i think…

    HEECHUL is definitely gay.
    RYEOWOOK next on the list.
    JO KWON.

    • yeah yeah… agreee… Heechul, Jo Kwon and ryeowook are definety gay.. the 2 guys from T-max except kim jun looks gay..

      • SS501 Kim HyunJoong?!
        OMG! You gotta be kidding me!
        I guess you have no idea about him.
        He’s manly & hot, no gay at all!

      • @ i yhink… F**k off!! what do you think if sm1 thinks u urself’s a bended homo?? :/
        u ain’t insult people like that!
        Such a total loser!
        Thie whole thing loos like ur an attention seeker!

        this’s to all who think ppl r gay and other things!!
        u guys r then big big loserz!!!

  17. @Nataly G-Dragon tuh bukan gay yaa. Lo nggak bisa liat apa,mata lo picek ya. He’s absolutly not gay. He’s adorable. Klo lo mikir GD gay,lo pasti cewek lesbi.

  18. jo kwon and heechul – i can never see them as guys – i actually dont understand fan girls who think they’re “hot” – im sorry

    and OMG i thought i was the only one who thinks key is gay. I ddnt want to comment on their youtube vids because shawols might kill me~ ahaha! no seriously – the way he speaks and his hand gestures aigoo esp in hello baby it just comes out

    • i really dont think key’s gay . cuz in shinee’s yunhanams , he said mentioned a lot about how his future girlfriend should be . and what type of girl he want’s to marry . he got picked twice as the best yunhanam for gods sake . he is not gay . he just acts cute and girly for the fans . i dont think he’s gay . but , that’s my opinion . without any proof , u cant say they’re gay or not .

    • Yeah, right. I agree. I can even say that Shinee is gay.

  19. let me turn on my gaydar for SuJu… ok:

    Heechul – bisexual, will get married to a woman when in his 40’s.. right now, he’s playin’

    Siwon – total closet case, strict christian family, doesn’t want to take over the business but wants to sing and dance? Hello!? I still love him though, he’s so gosh darned handsome, it’s has to be illegal! He’ll bow to family pressure and will date and marry a girl.. poor dear.. the girl, that is..

    Leeteuk – he said he had a girlfriend and that’s probably true, however my sensor reading says G.A.Y.

    The Girly Boys – Ryeowook & Sungmin; Wookie, I believe although seems soft has a tough interior, he’ll probably come out of the closet later. Sungmin will become more manly as he grows up; right now he’s just being childish.

    Straight as all hell:
    1. Kangin (although I WISH he was gay, baby I’m here for you.. call me!)
    2. Shindong – seriously, I get that vibe, he’s straight
    3. Donghae – naive, straight, cute = perfect
    4. Kibum – str8 as an arrow… damnit!
    5. Hangeng – looks like a player, girls beware
    6. Kyuhun – but… there is some small trace, a faint smell of… hmmm

    Slightly iffy but I think are straight – Yeesung (girly features, high estrogen markers) & Eunhyuk (OCD-type cleanliness..); they wouldn’t make good husbands though.. boyfriends, yes.

    • I so agree with you on this. There’s something going on with him and Hangeng, I just know it. If Heechul comes out and marry’s Hangeng one day. I’l approve haha. To me it doesn’t matter that Heechul is Bi, gay, straight as long as he’s still heechul i’l love him no matter what.

    • You said Sungmin is just being childish… But he’s almost thirty now and he’s the same. Feminine. I believe he is gay. He is in a relationship with Kyuhyun.

  20. ok, half a year gone…but i can still comment
    i personally know that in korea culture is ok to do those things…but not in western cultures…so, the touching is more of their close relationships and stuff

    but as a bisexual guy, i can also feel sth weird from some of those guys…and lemme check ur list

    Seungri isn’t into guys at all…so isn’t Jaejoong…jj likes one night stands and seungri is totally into girls

    heechul…i dunno, he could be bi, but i’m sure he is into girls…maybe guys, i honestly dunno….he did have girlfriends and does have interest in girls…but the kisses….he does seem to enjoy them quite a lot…so, i wonder

    eeteuk..he is a bit of heechul and jj, like, into girls but weird?…maybe bi, but not likely

    Jo kwon…c’mon, don’t be narrow minded…this is korean culture we are talking about, and i can tell he is just a funny person and it’s his personally…he does not like guys

    Sungmin…he is discussable, he is cute and girly and all…but he isn’t exactly the one who’s into guys…he could be bi bcos he is kinda into girls…and maybe he is not so touchy with guys bcos he is umcomfortable with his own feelings?

    okay, now the ones i can agree…i can picture any of the others with girls in a romantic way…but i just can’t see ryeowook and key with girls…EVER!….ryeowook, do u see how he tries to be sexy on performances? makes him look gayer….he has to be into guys…his need to be cute and the magnae…is like me….and also, key….the way he acts with girls and guys…is very similar to me, so i think both are bcos of how they feel or act….and how it impacts on me…i just feel they are…key is also very similar to me….ryeowook’s ways of thinking are kinda similar to me, but not his behaviour…so, yeah~

    Honestly, i got the feeling…GD is bi…Kevin from UKiss HAS to like guys, if he doesn’t, i know nothing at all!…

    I think we are not the ones to ask things about their personal life on internet…maybe to ur friends and all..but not making it public…as a bisexual…i can totally tell how it’d feel if people kept wondering if i were or not..and seriously, in a korean society..it’s very dangerous for them to come out….it’s dangerous bcos they r afraid of how society might react…they have to be stronger and change their country’s mind…but let them take their time…they must suffer enough on their own…for those who are into guys…

    but still, if donghae could be mine, i’d not mind…ㅠㅠ…or henry..XD

  21. hey3x guys i want to add someone
    though i felt like cutting my on heart as i type this…*sigh*
    wht about ONEW SHINEE??
    after wht he did to Key in special ep of hello bby
    i thought im going to die lol
    idek..but it look so gay to me
    n my straight guy friend agree with me too
    (i force him to watch haha)

    • i watched that too , i love onew . i really do . but i dont think he’s gay . some men do that to other men just for fun . really , my guy friends do it a lot in class . n believe me . they are not gay . the hit on girls to . onew , i dont think he’s gay . i mean korean cultures are different . skinship between men dont really mean they’re gay . but , without proof , we cant just jump to conclusions .

  22. This is too much…
    my baby DangBangSHINee ( Dong Bang Shin Ki + SHINee)
    are NOT Gay, Okay???!!!! (V.V)

  23. heh mulut lo suka asal ya?? disamping mereka GAY ato gak. gak pantes aja lo ngejudge orang kyk gt!! dont judge a book by the cover!!

    • chillax there..i didnt mean to make them look bad okay..
      i like em too
      im just expressing opinion
      n i completely understnd wht ur saying even if ur not using English thnk u!

  24. ok so even-though I don’t know and have no idea on how to tell if someone is gay unless I deal with them personally, I would have to say: “What do you expect? when they shove all this guys into one house(hostel) and make them live together!!” I just think that at those ages,(13-25maybe) guys’ and ppl in general hormones are being awakened and obviously they start noticing either the opposite sex or same sex, but when they make you spend soooo much time with ppl from the same sex(and I mean, sleeping, showering, LIVING) you start developing certain likings even if you are not gay(completely). You just feel like its natural. But thats just my opinion I am not saying all groups and all their members are gay, Im just saying that living like the groups is an important factor on the way they behave.

    • yeah agree..i actually thought the same too
      guess hormone takes over when ur at tht age..

    • Don’t agree. If what you are saying are true. The whole girls in girl dormitory or school will be lesbian. And all guys in boy dormitory or school will be gay ?

      Puh-lease *haha*

  25. if you’re not a fan you won’t know. i’ll have to disagree with leeteuk, sungmin and ryeowook.

    leeteuk is already old enough and he’s not gay. period.

    sungmin builds abs and muscles also martial arts, does it mean he’s gay? its not his fault he’s born with a face like that and a voice like that.

    and lastly for ryeowook. i really have to disagree when people say he’s gay. his image may seem “gay” or should i say feminine because the members brag about him cooking for them, cleaning their dorm, taking care of them and such but he’s manly. he wrestles with kangin, he’s the 4th heaviest drinker, he’s also a bit insolent and such. his image is quite different from his real personality.

    he’s a nice person and simple, almost shy and quiet because he was raised that way. and if you didn’t know, he’s the only member who almost doesn’t like fanservices. during ss2 manila at heechul’s solo, when heechul approached him he stepped back and avoided him that was after heechul kissed henry. he did it twice, the second one during their fanmeeting, he tried to hide from heechul. he also ignored yesung’s attempts several times. and currently, he’s been avoiding kyuhyun.

    now tell me who’s gay?

    • giirl…u r sooo wrong

      abs, muscles and a sport are as normal for gays as for straight guys…and also, drinking and wrestling isn’t a sin of being straight…ACTUALLY, being MANLY does not mean NOT GAY OR STRAIGHT…I mean, there are tons of guys who are manly and gay…I think, u misunderstood the meaning of the homosexuality, it means liking the same gender, not acting like the opposite gender…gay guys love being muscular and showing their muscles off, straight guys do it less than gay guys actually bcos usually they care less about how they look…they do it too, of course…

      then with the longest paragraph, u’d have a point, but the rest is wrong and misconception

      • I agree with 이아민. Sometimes (well actually most of the time) you can’t tell if someone is gay or not simply by how masculine/feminine they are. Also culture and the person’s brought-up can affect how he/she acts in and reacts to situations.

        Also for Ryeowook, I’m not implying that he’s gay here – however it’s possibly that he avoided Heechul and others’ skinship/fanservice because he had internal homophobia. I remembered well that before my good friend came out, he tried so hard to avoid guys so people won’t misunderstood him as gay.

        But yeah, even if any members in SuJu or SHINee are gay, I still support them!

        By the way 이아민, nice comment (the one from May 10th) above ^^

    • i agree with u

  26. ummm…heechul i dont think he is gay…maybe bi but he is not gay…u_u…

    leeteuk..no…he plays too much but he is not gay…

    sungmin..ummm…i am sungmin bias i am love sungmin but he is gay…u_u…

    key..he is sungmin son…lol…gay….

    kyuhyun i think he is bi-gay…i dont know…but i think he is gay..lol..

    eunhyuk…this year he have that gay aura…u_u…i dont know why…u__u…

  27. lol heechul is above sexuality. to him, gender is just a game XD

  28. I don’t know the other guys, but I will say something about the super junior guys.

    Hee Chul – I think he’s kinda gay, honestly, but he had girlfriends before…so not sure

    Leeteuk – I’m actually not sure about this. I don’t know why (well yet) why people think he’s gay, he seems straight to me.

    Sungmin – Believe it or not. I almost confident that the dude’s straight. In some interviews he talked how he’ll treat his wife. Many thinks he’s gay probably his obsession with pink. He actually mention one time that when he buys pink stuff (he collects pink too) that people ask “Are you like gay?” He didn’t say anything but mentioned that he’s not afraid to show what he likes and he likes pink because he thinks it’s the color that suits him the best, that’s all. He wishes though that there’s more manly pink stuff. XD

    Ryeowook – I would be so disappointed if he was gay. lol XD But I doubt it, not the fact that I like him. He’s just feminine but I agree with by SUJU ARE NOT GAY. He’s personality is different than his image that he proposed ( though he is cute XD). *Ahem* Uhh where was I? Oh yeah. I read somewhere that he likes petite girls with nice necks. But I don’t think he’s gay, but a bit feminine and needs some meat on him. lol

    • agree, he likes petite girls who can sing , he said that he’s ideal type is taeyeon/yoona

  29. Yo pienso que Ryeowook no es gay… y ninguno de Super Junior

    • jajaja estas bromeando…te lo digo como fan de suju desde hace ya un tiempo..alguno de ellos si son gays…^^…pero eso no es malo.

      • tal vez algunos lo sean pero no que todos sean dime tu cuales son los gays y a ver si creo mmm q dices??…

      • y yo se que no es malo.. se es quien es.. pero pues ve en las condiciones en que los tienen, y yo se que eso no es excusa, pero viendolo como lo veo yo es una de las razones por las que yo digo se es o se hace.. veezz..aunque ryeowook yo digo que si es femenino pero no creo que sea gay, ademas eso de fanservice yo digo que por eso estan saliendo del closet, eso esta mal… muy mal.. hacen hacer cada ridiculo y tal vez por eso piensen que son gays… pero esa es mi opinion…



      • es un poco comun y esterotipado si digo quienes son gays solo por su aparencia, eso seria ver mucha tele.

        sungmin,a el le puede gustar el rosa y todo, pero yo no digo que el sea gay por eso, el tiene esta aura, que me dice que es como bi-gay…

        wookie tiene lo mismo…kyuhyun tambien, eun seria igual que sungmin.

      • aaa osea q tu los calificas por apariencia..mm esta bieen pues si es asi pues ya que..jeje ps la verdad que yo no les hallo la fachada de gay…=)

      • OP….

        yo no e dicho que yo los veo por la aprencia…eso es estupido..

      • aaa ok perdonamee entendi maal sorry! hehe



    • NO!!!!!any evidence?????HAH

      • taemin’s too innocent and young .
        key , he only acts like that for fun .
        minho ? hey , im guessing u ddnt watch shinee yunhanams .
        onew ? he’s clever enuf to avoid being gay . he’s a genius . nickhun in wgm did not seem gay at all ! rain ? owh come on . do u even watch him act n sing . he does not look gay .

    • wtf ???why the hell taemin ?? hes just too young and now hes getting more masculine and i bet that hes dating with sulli even if that breaks my heart 😦 his character is nt feminine its childish ! minho ?? seriously are u blind ! onew no maybe a chicken freak bt not gay RAIN ?? ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY !! hes the last person to be considered gay if rain is gay i bet all males in the world are gay

      • Taemin’s not innocent. He totally pervs out when they talk about girls and he popped a woody after Jonghyun stage kissed him. Don’t know what his orientation is, but he’s no delicate flower.

  32. No they’re not.! especially Key, onew, minho and Taemin.! And yes, they’re born pretty and cute but NOT GAY! .*just my opinion^^*

  33. I am a Korean, so I think I can tell you about some Korean culture.

    In Korea those things mentioned are not considered gayish. Koreans generally like physical touches and such things are considered as fraternity.
    In my side, I think it is weired that western men are feared to be seen as girlish. If girls favor cute boys then you should be cute to get a girl.
    If Korean couples love to wearing couple-tees it’s because girls want that, and many Korean boys think that following lovers’ wish is their obigation. And what is the use of muscle in the saftest place like Korea.

    Of couse it is very difficult to distinguish gay from non-gay. However no korean think the mentioned idols are gay but just hilarious. That is highly valued attitute. In Korea when you have fun, you should be crazy.

    • Oh!

      I totally agree with you, is what I like, just because your mind girl, since they claim to be gay, but the truth is not so.

      Thanks for clarifying all these things, to see what it seriously.


    • thank you… your explanation saved my believe…
      thank you very gamsa

  34. Seungri / V.I / Victory isn’t gay.
    He had a blind date with a GIRL & he’s perfect girl is the girl from Full House. He isn’t gay, I don’t know how you got to that conclusion.
    OH YEAH & that sexy scene from Strong Baby. He’s making out with a girl, he isn’t gay. LOL

    • Seungri definitely not a gay. LOL
      I was once a hardcore fans of G-Dragon, so I got tons of info about them and honestly from Big Bang, Seungri are the one who did flirting with women all the time. Texting girls (Hyung always check maknae phone), send picture to girls. And going blind date, or just being chitty chat with stewardess . He is the one who did all those things muahahaha. Seungri will be like so happy when there are beautiful girls around.

  35. WTH!!they absolutely not gay!!idiot!If u all do not like them,juz go away…any evidence? you saw them kissing with your own eyes..HAH!!!

  36. WTH!!they absolutely not gay!!!If u all do not like them,juz go away…any evidence? you saw them kissing with your own eyes..HAH!!!

  37. NONE, not a single one, of them are gay… Do you have PROOOOOOOOOOF?????? Well actually we don’t need proooooooof because they ARE NOT gay… (Don’t get mad at me, this is just me…)

  38. Oh my god, it’s just depend on culture, just like Derham said. Depend on his statement, makes my confuse gone. Thanks for clarifying this complicated disscussion. Ah, Taemin, Noona loves you no matter people say 😀

    Anyway, Korean treat their lover well, that’s why I want to get Korean boyfriend 😀

  39. Who cares if they are gay…? I mean outside of Korea. In Korea if a performer is gay, they will never say it. It would be the end of their carreer, because in Korea is still a big issue, and for a lot of korean fans it would mean their favourite member can’t keep alive their fantasy with them ending up with him, and they would feel cheated. (but honestly, for foreign fans.. who really believe they could end up with them ? ^^;; ).

    I remember one comic guy who came out. He lost everything (he hosted a radio + participated in several shows). Now, I just know he owns some restaurants (with an actress) but I doubt he’s back in the entertainment industry.

    For the touchy part, it’s just how Korean people are. It’s not only idols, but guys in general. I’ve seen a lot guys in the streets when I was there, being very close and touchy. If they were in western countries, everyone will think they are gays. But in Korea, it’s not seen in the same way.

    Idols just like to play with that, since they know it will make them more popular among girls. But of course, guys in the street won’t start to kiss each other or to be really romantic towards each other, but some idols like to act this way ^^;.

  40. And btw.. what’s so wrong with a guy being gay ?! I find kind of sad when people think if someone says an idol is gay it’s for attacking him u_u… Being gay or straight, there is nothing wrong with that, without mentioning it’s their private life. They are still the same person who can make you laugh with their silly jokes or cry with their voice.

    And I’m pretty sure some of the most popular idols are really gay (they are so many performers now, it would be a bit weird if all of them were straight).

    • i absolutely agree with you. i think some people here think gay is a synonym for “stupid” or something else bad. there is nothing wrong with being homosexual.
      please be more open-minded…

      and yeah, not everyone can be straight. not even in such a conservative country.

      also, since when did you need “evidence” to be gay. wtf. lol.

    • There is nothing wrong with being gay but if i had a gay friend i could never fall in love with him becuz i knew that he is gay. So if kim kibum is gay that is gonna break my heart becuz i love him i really do

      • Are you saying if there is no chance for the guy to like you back, you can’t like him ?

  41. i don’t think key is gay, he’s just a diva 😀

  42. 1.) Heechul: I think he officially denied being gay. He looks a bit feminine but that has nothing to do with one’s sexuality, just one’s phenotypes.

    2.) Jo Kwon: again he does look a bit feminine, but that alone cannot qualify one as ‘gay’. He does do the funny kkab dances that may seem gay but I think it’s more out of entertainment purposes than gay.

    3.) Leeteuk: IDK much about Suju but he never struck me as gay.

    4.) Seung Ri: i have no idea why anyone would think he’s gay.

    5.) Key: his appearance in Lucifer did kinda shock me but it’s only his appearance. Haircuts are only marginally better than overall facial appearance as one’s coiffure can be changed with ease compared to facial features. I notice with my straight and gay friends that gay friends tend to pay more attention to their coiffures and more likely to do more radical stuff to their hair.

    6.) Sungmin: IDK much about suju

    7.) Jaejoong: whoever did this needs to die. JJ face is not masculine. It’s not very feminine either, but it’s very beautiful. Though he is a bit shy, he gives off an image of a very masculine person who is gentle and kind.

    8.) Ryeowook – Super Junior: idk much about suju

  43. I ♥ RYEOWOOK! haha! i bet, his GAY!
    but I still love him.. LOL

  44. wew….
    i just read all the comments and it’s so funny when read so many people said they’re opinion…lol
    for me…no matter what they are…they’re still an idol that soooo many people loved…gay/not that’s even none of our bussiness..thats they’re live… ^^~

    I love suju and SHINee
    *ps: eventhough i’ll so sad if they’re really a gay hahahhaha 😛 *because there’s no hope to end up with them 😛

  45. hahaha that happens to me very frequently, i get confuse 😦 hahahaa, but my G Dragon is not gay ¬¬, haha well i dont know i hope so… but well speaking about looking gay and being I think both are very different, I had thought that Miyavi (jrock artist) was gay and actually he’s not! and he even has kissed boys ¬¬ hahaha, but now he’s married and has two girls, so the hope is still there for those gays.. guys sorry 🙂 haha joke

  46. sungmin looks manly in person though, mama na mama ang dating!

  47. i don’t know about the rest but heechul and ryeowook are strong contenders for being gay. NOTHING wrong with it though but yes i think they are gay. heechul enjoys cross-dressing a little too much and ryeowook just gives this aura of gayness that makes him also adorable.

  48. Dude the whole members of Suju is gay and the rest don’t have feminine side and i can say u-kiss is feminine the way they talk and they talk dirty and kevin uses mascara to dress himself as Jessica from SNSD

  49. i hate you.stupid bitch.how did you say suju are gay?maybe you!

    • And so what ? Being gay is not bad, is not a sin, is not an insult… What’s your problem with gay people ? -o-;;

    • Well all the gay people, bi people, and straight people who support gays that have read this comment hate you, so congratulations.You go on living your life in hate and see where that gets you.

  50. if they’re really gay so what?
    I’ll still love them :3

  51. I understand the suju members (they do too much fanservice… it gets awkward sometimes.) But Seungri? o:
    Maybe it’s because I’m a VIP but from the many shows I’ve watched of him, he seems more like a [straight] player.

  52. I was watching 2PM Idol show when my brother came back home and then suddenly said ” who are those gay guys?” lol.. I’m not a SUJU fan,thus i didn’t know much about them. When I was first exposed to k-pop back then, I was confused about Korean idols sexuality too. Because they look like gay. But now,I understand that they do all that just for their fan and just for fun.. They are gay?? Hmm..lets wait and see.. Haha..!

  53. Jaejung doesn’t seem gay! he’s not gay, arasseo?!

  54. Suju members are gay!

  55. Some of these comments are stupid. So what if a member of an idol group is gay? You will probably NEVER date them, so if they were, it wouldn’t affect you in any way. I can’t believe people are still having this argument. I find it quite offensive actually…and I’m not even gay myself! Surely, if an idol is gay, you should be happy that they are happy and have the chance to find love. Also, it’s quite unrealistic to think that ALL idols are straight.
    Personally, I think Key is gay. That’s just my opinion. Me saying it does not make it true, so chill out people. Key is my ultimate bias in K-Pop, and I know that I would love him no matter who he loved.
    Also…this is based on how feminine they are? That’s ridiculous! Femininity or masculinity does not determine someones sexuality.
    I think Key’s gay, because it’s just something I can…I don’t know SENSE. His personality, his behavior, not how much he likes fashion or how well he dances girl group dances.
    But, we’ll never know for sure anyway…

    • thank you, someone who makes sense. I also love key no matter who he loves. I think that its wrong that some people write comments like this: “ew! No way! He cant be gay, because that breaks my heart. How can you even think that hes GAY?! Theres no one that can prove that hes gay.”
      I find it very offensive (im not gay either) that some peope are that selfish. I mean seriously.
      Its not like being gay is a bad thing, not at all.
      So, thank you, im happy that im not the only one that thinks like this. 🙂

  56. well i donno about the others bt i know jaejoong is nt gay ! u can see that how flirty he was with girls in tv shows and how many scandals he had with japanese and korean models, he might look feminine that doesn’t make him gay !

    • You don’t KNOW jaejoong is not gay. You aren’t him, so how would you know?

  57. Actually it is impossible to judge them by their looks cuz they just have to look super well-conditioned cuz that’s why they’re idols right? so they get used to use everyday make up and different beuty stuff like all the girls does from birth,so that’s why they become more girly than common men. Some of them become obsessed with their appearance like GD, Key and Heechul. But now more and more men want to look hot and beautiful and it works with girls 🙂
    Sungmin and Rewook just have reserved and sensitive character but I never thought they’re gay because of that.

    I think that if there is somebody gay in Kpop nobody can know it, it can be somebody who looks pretty manly. So don’t judge them by social stereotypes.

  58. hahahaha?really?

  59. key is not gay ! & also seung ri . accept the fact !

  60. Maybe Key isn’t gay, only because I remember a girl telling me once that her best friend (who lives in S.Korea) is close friends with Taesun (Taemins brother), and he had told her Key and Nicole was dating for 2 years I believe. They even celebrated their 500th day of being together. True or not, I trust her, you don’t have to though :).

    Onew…I do think he could be. He is my all time bias, but, he does seems he sways that way. I have no prob with it, he still is a good person.

    If Key is in fact gay, JongKey is real. I have a feeling everyone in SHINee is at least bi. I don’t know why I get the feeling; maybe the way Jong looks at Key and how Minho looks at Taemin, like they are imagining the other naked…

    I never thought Ryeowook was gay, I don’t understand how could anyone think that. He is a very quiet, a bit closed off kind of guy. I doubt he is gay. Could be A-Sexual though…

    The rest of the guys, I doubt also. I think the REALLY gay guys in K-Pop are (in my opinion): Sungjong from Infinite (maybe L too), and all of U-Kiss, mostly Kevin.

    Anywho ain’t like I’m going to date any of them anyway, so, I couldn’t really care if they’re gay or not. I just want them happy.

    • Dating someone of the opposite sex doesn’t make you straight. Ever heard of the closet? P:

      • Yes I heard of person being in the closet, and yes I know dating someone of the opposite gender doesn’t make you straight (lol, goodness).
        The comment I made about Keys’ sexual orientation, was just my opinion, not fact. Because Nicole could very well be Keys’ beard.
        But, like I said before, I trust what my friend said about Key.
        No one but Key, and most likely close friends of his, know the truth (whether he is gay or not).
        Until he says it himself (which I doubt if he is indeed gay), we as fans can only choose what we want to believe 😀

  61. maybe they seem gay just because they are cute!!!
    but if you’re being nice means that you’re gay,so let’s all be gay then!!!
    why don’t we like persons for who they are,not for thier sexuality!!!
    I LOVE K-PoP…gay or not gay i just LOVE them.

  62. i really love SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i dont approve either the relationship jonghyun and shin se kyung…. but i had feeling jongkey is true becoz i saw a vid the prove shin se kyung and key has a similar face which key got much more narrow at his chin…somelike feeling 4someone who had a similarity with our past love…and that was going on with jonghyun…. seriously its nonsense for the first though and until now i dont want to believe that…
    believe me i love shinee so much..
    and hell!!!!!!!!!!!! onew not a gay ofcoz minho???? rain neva!!!! but anyway its true korean really like skintouch either boys or girlss……… so im truely love them!!! ONEW!!!

  63. hey people!

    I agree with some people that they’re not gay, they just like skinship.
    But this doesn’t mean that everybody is straight. I think that at least that a few of them are bi. I think that heechul is straight, well you never know, he can be even bi. But even if my favorite singers (onew, teukie, taemin, key, siwon, hongki, heechul, And many more…) would be gay, i wouldnt mind. I think its selfish to think that they need to be what their fans and company want them to be.
    I would be mad if all my friends now would tell me to become lesbian, and that they wouldnt like me if i would be myself. You get the idea?
    So my point was that even if your idol would be gay/bi, dont stop loving him for who he is. When/if he tells the world he’s gay/bi, thats when he need is his fans love and understanding.
    I live in scandinavia, and i know i have no chance to even meet them personally, but i dream, and i think thats ok.
    I hope that his fans in korea also accepts him as he is.

    You know what. I hope that nobody thinks this comment is rude or anything. Remember that i dont want to hurt anyone. 🙂

    Do you know jrockers? Japanese rock groups? Well i know that a lot of them are gay or bi. But that doesnt change the fact that i love them. Being gay is nothing wrong. I have many gay friends, and they are absolutely amazing! 🙂
    Thank you ;P

    • I agree 200%with you! If you are fan of someone, you should support them for that kind of thing no matter what. It’s sad to see a lot of people still have issues about someine being gay. Love is love, who cares about the gender? Even if tomorrow all the artists I like & support come out and introduce their boyfriend, I will still be their fan (and at least, when 2 gays stay together, it’s not because of the kids or “what people say if we divorce?”…).

      But a lot of fans will never be happy. They don’t want their idol to be gay, but they don’t want him to date a girl either. They just want to date him… How selfish ^^;;.

      • I just like what you said Feyana. We are the same. I feel from the very start that Lee Sungmin is gay, but I still accept him no matter what because I love him and he has the right to be happy whatever gender he may have. He is still human. He has a mind to think and a heart to feel. If he is gay, I won’t care at all. He is still Lee Sungmin, the guy I like. ^.^

  64. just stop insulting people like that!!
    its really weird!
    it’s like ur seeking attention and popularity by acting antis!!
    i’ll tell u what… if u do that, u just accepts that ur big time losers!!

    there’s no homos or any other stuffs!

  65. This is ridiculous how many homophobes commented on this. I’ve never seen so many gay slurs in my life. If they’re gay, then they’re gay, it’s not your life so what’s it matter?

  66. Don’t agree with your whole list, buuut you missed;

    Yunho (DBSK)
    Jonghyun (SHINee)
    G-Dragon (Big Bang

    • for Jonghyun i agree but G-Dragon, i don’t think so .!! And Yunho, he’s has a relationship with some actress .!!

  67. I’d also like to point out that all the homophobia in this world really saddens me, and honestly, makes me hate people.

    Are you people really so ignorant as to think there are NO gay idols in Korea? Or maybe you’re just blatantly ignoring it because then your dearest oppar wouldn’t be able to play a part in wet fangirl dreams if he were. Grow up.

  68. Qué risa con las adolescentes ridículas que monjan las panties
    en sus fantasias YAOI que les venden las compañias… Cuando todas esas personalidades son super falsas.

    Heterosexuales de closet es lo que son. Besándose en cámara con otros hombres… y con mujeres escondidas en sus casas.

  69. (ignoring the fact that this post is 2 years old…) I agree that fans should continue to support their idols regardless of their ‘people preferences’. But, I think people should also support them for who they are right now, and respect that if they haven’t admitted anything then we shouldn’t speculate.

    (no offence intended to anyone, just my personal opinion 🙂

  70. You should have included INFINITE’s Sungjong. If he’s not gay, I don’t know who is. That kid just screams gayishness.

  71. What happens with people that take gay as an insult??
    It isn’t bad, It’s just love.
    If they are gay, I will support them
    If they’re not I will support them as well

    • Absolutely right!!! :))

  72. yes! ryeo wook is not gay like what you think…don’t be so judgmental guys…you better remove his name on the list…because he does not belong in the list of gays…

  73. yeah! I agree to you Kim Nichzhon…RYEO WOOK is not gay..you guys doesn’t know him so don’t judge him!!!…..

  74. anyway whatever happens i will not believe that ryeo wook is gay…you better check the other boys first before you judge ryeo wook…i think leeteuk is not gay too so you better stop doing this…because you are insulting them…

  75. k-pop is still the best

  76. hey nicon (nichzon).. I DISAGREE.. ryeo wook is so GAY.. he should be the top gay from the list..!!!


  78. STOP USING MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. OMG..i have a crush on ryeok!!! so better stop calling them gay..!!!

    • You can’t justify your crush on him as him not being a homosexual. You don’t know him, if you did, THEN your opinion would be valid. And why should anyone listen to you anyways just because you have a “crush” on Ryeowook? You can’t order anyone around just because of that mere fact.


  81. hey!!!better stop faking my account!!and who’s MARK JOSHUA EVANGELISTA..? stop using other people’s name..

  82. who the hell??

  83. what the hell!!

    • har har!!

  84. you better stop that!!!

  85. I don’t think they’re gay, maybe just close to each other thus being touchy and stuff. Key is my bias! Key<3

  86. if you’re not a fan you wouldn’t understand at all .. actually when i first saw super junior there’s one person who i think is gay .. ryeowook .. but as time passes and i got to know them better .. i understand that he was just raise like that., shy., likes to take care people .. something like that .. and besides .. relationships between hyungs and dongsaengs are different like the western men .. their just super close to each other .. i disagree with members of suju involve with this ..

    SUNGMIN ?! HE IS NOT GAY ! period.

    seriously .. JAEJOONG ? gay ?! what the ? i wanna know why ? haha.

  87. all of them just have enormous ego, thats all.

  88. oh and theres a reason why most of these guys are from SM
    i think they make them do fanservice in order to make $$$

  89. in order to make $$$??no!! haha anyway whatever they say,for me ryeo wook is not gay…

  90. YA!!

  91. Okay in my opinion , Sungmin is gay lol.
    Did you guys see how he dance on Super Show 2 ?
    His solo dance, with the girls around him.

    I got lots of gay friends around me and they are fine.
    Being gay is not a sin. It’s being who you are.
    If you like the same gender so be it.

    But I’m gonna cry if EunHyuk was gay T___T
    I like EunHyuk so much right now muahahaha.

    And well for G-Dragon I don’t think he’s gay (judging his personality and stuffs, oh and don’t forget his first song about his first love, I think the girl name was Jae Hee and the girls blog got shut down because tons of fangirls spam and attack her, speaking of insanity)
    But at least he’s a Bi. Neat freak and fashion freak.
    I don’t know maybe it was wrong. But its just my opinion hehe.

    I used to be crazy about G-dragon in big bang days but I changed to EunHyuk Suju now. So please please don’t be gay Eunhyuk muahaha, wait for me. I’m going to Korea bahahhaa :p

    • I know absolutely straight guys too, who care a LOT about their looks, go to cosmetician, shave their chests and spend more time in front of the mirror than I, a girl do. 🙂 And they would absolutely punch anyone in the face who calls them gay. Metrosexuality is a very popular thing nowadays. Now that there are male specific cosmetic products, men also started to take care of how they look, aside from being neatly dressed and shaven. I tend to feel that this whole gay thing has several sides:
      1. These stars spend a lot of time caring about how they look because they need to appear in front of the public a lot.
      2. They have become stars at a very young age. Basically they grew up in front of the mirror and being taken care of in every aspect. I read that G-Dragon’s make-up artist has been taking care of his skin since before he debuted, and he debuted at 18 years of age! Which means his skin is so *girlishly* beautiful because his makeup artist takes care of it. There are videos where you can see him wearing beauty masks. And he does that because he is a celebrity, and needs to look neat and clean, and not because he is gay. I’m absolutely 100% sure that if these guys were just normal dudes next door, they wouldn’t look so beautiful, And I’m also sure that they don’t walk around in maskara at home and behave like normal males do when cameras are not around.
      3. Bromance is known to be actively encouraged by K-pop. It’s a *marketing tool*. It makes the idols look cute. You never know, they might be biting each others heads off behind the curtains, but they need to act all fluffy-cute when in public. These guys are masters of entertainment.

      So I think we need to be careful when judging people’s sexuality based on their *stage persona*. They might or might not be gay, but I highly doubt that every bloody idol star is gay, and every bloody of them acts all fluffy-cuddly with the others. 🙂 Chill out people. 🙂


  93. It’s kinda sad being an entertainer. People judge your sexuality based on your actions in front of the camera. Besides, everyone goes through the period when they question their own sexuality. I don’t think all of them even know if they are straight or not. But as long as they are happy, I’m happy. ^^

  94. I don’t care if they’re gay or not. What’s wrong for being gay anyway?? They’re not somekind of murderer or terrorist or even worst.

    But then if they’re NOT gay, then why does they act like one, like they really are in a special relationship?? Take KyuMin for example. There’s enough clips out there showing how ‘close’ they are. And I asked my hetero (male) friends what comes in their mind when they saw them together. They said those intimacy is not something they wanna do to each other, it’s little bit too much for just being good friends.

    And if the people said that gay thing is a BIG taboo in Korea, why does those idol boys doing such things? Simply just ‘fanservice’?? Well, if I’m an idol and the company told me to act like that, I’ll definitely say NO. I’ll say that I don’t need to do such things only to be famous, I have my good (singing or acting) talent to show to the public.

    I mean, why should they make the fans getting delusional with those silly couple act? Because the fans want to see it? And what’s next? If the fans wanna see them married and adopt a child, are those male idols going to do that either?? I was a KyuMin shipper myself but I really had enough with those couple things. If they really are couple, fine, I’ll be very happy for them. If not, it’s also good. I just hope that they don’t have to live in such a big lie for their entire life.

  95. Even if it’s not in the question, I will include girls too:


    – Kevin (U-Kiss)
    – AJ
    – Key
    – Amber
    – Minzy

    Bi: (because somehow some people tend to forget that they exist)
    *btw, bi aren’t attracted 50/50 to both genders*

    – Jaejoong
    – Heechul
    – Taeyeon
    – Hyoyeon
    – G-Dragon
    – Eunhyuk
    – Yoochun(?) <— I've seen signs that he was attracted to men (JJ for instance), but really mostly straight.
    – Minho (?) I'd say he leans more towards the men's side.
    – CL <—- this one, I'd say is really only based on instinct.


    – KYUHYUN. Really hard to read. I can't say he's straight, but can't say he's bi or gay either.
    – Siwon, he would be one of those in severe denial.
    – Taemin
    – Soohyun


    – Yunho and Jaejoong. We could see the difference from before/after they started their "relationship" (as well as how the other members reacted to them). Also, I saw signs that they were sexually attracted to each other [starting in late 2006 and early 2007, at least when Jaejoong had his golden/blond hair].

    I don't know why people are trolling or fangirling over this, really. Hollywood celebs have the same kinds of threads. [And fangirls are still fainting upon seeing it]. Seriously, I wish some people would grow up a bit. This thread wasn't created in order to be insulting.

    *Btw, I'm bi, therefore you can conclude that I don't find this insulting at all, nor do I stick to the stereotypes.*

    • Minzy being a lesbian would be a dream come true! I hope you’re right. 😉

  96. —-> Forgot to mention: AJ clearly likes Kevin. Seriously, you can litterally feel the sexual tension through the computer screen.

  97. Lol you forgot T.O.P. from Big Bang there’s even videos of him kissing other members in “Parodies”

    And lol I agree about Heechul, he seems very happy in women’s clothing especially when he’s HeeSica

  98. …please stop insulting super junior members…in this issue,,u are just pushing them down guys!! sungmin is just a good dancer.. and u “SIEN” stop saying that he is gay,,because he’s not!! being a good dancer doesn’t mean that!!

    u are just insecure guys!!



  100. First there is NOTHING wrong w/ gay!!
    Im a sungmin’s stan started from 2009..i absolutly sure he’s not gay,,the fact that he’s like pink is not wrong he just thought that pink suits him but he’s kinda leave to like pink frm 2010 bcs i never saw he wore pink as much as 2006-2008 yrs..lately he mentioned that want to get marry earlier at sukira, at mtv studio c he said his first kiss w/ noona during school days..at sukira he once said abt his future wife “its ok if she cant do housework”..if im not mistaken there is sungmin’s photo kissed girl bfr debut..abt kyumin relation, i bet its only best friend relation,,siwon said that they relation was like they can be a best friend forever..there was many fact that can prove that he’s not gay..
    For wookie, there was 1 thing for sure he once said he likes a girl for 4yrs during his school days (only admiring)..
    For leeteuk,, he had girlfriend bfr..he once said he likes kara’s jiyoung
    For heechul,,im a bit confused bcs he said he had girlfriend bfr,,member said he is suck kisser so he asked kibum (if im not mistaken) to teach him..but other side he kissed members one by one,, trying to believe its just fanservice.
    i just told myself to be positive thinking.

  101. “YES!! THAT’S RIGHT GUY’S!! let us just support the super juniors….let them feel that we are always there to support them…this is really the outcome if you really idolize one or a group of persons..you easily get irritated when somebody says something wrong with them specially lies….

    “i love you super juniors!!!!”

  102. I don’t think they’re gays. It’s just their fans making up rumors about them being gays.
    1. EunHae : Eunhyuk x Donghae
    2. HanChul : Hankyung x Heechul
    3. SiChul : Siwon x Heechul
    4. KyuMin : Kyuhyun x Sungmin
    5. JongKey : Jonghyun x Key
    6. SiHae : Siwon x Donghae

    Even girl groups!
    1. Yulsic : Yuri x Sica
    2. TaeNy : Taeyeon x Tiffany
    3. JeTi : Jessica x Tiffany
    4. YoonSic : Yoona x Jessica
    5. KryBer : Krystal x Amber
    6. ChaeRa : Chaerin x Dara

  103. Shinee jonghyun,infinite sungjong, Super junior Ryeowook, DBSK Jaejoong, Brian Joo, 2AM Jo Kwon #myOPINION #NoBash #Sorry

  104. I’m a big fan of SUJU.. I don’t mind if they are gay or straight, as long as they produce good songs and entertain for their fans. Are we going to married them? No, right ? so why worry !!
    BTW, Ryeowook is not gay. He once told that he had a gf during school time and they even kiss. Lately he admit to admiring a girl and finally confessed to her but got rejected. He was so sad & cried in front of Sungmin.Oh ! such a poor guy.

  105. I am bigbang fans but not really (or not yet) VIP. When seungri in that gay list make me wanna laugh a lot hahaha..*sori, coz seungri like a girl A LOT. I can feel he is a real player. The member who make me curious is GD. I think he is bi. But i really hope he’s straight coz i love him very much.

  106. rrr..this kind of fans make me sick. I bet you still little fangirl. Its better to you to doing your homework now..okay! this issue not fit for you.

  107. LOL Seungri is not gay. He gets around with the ladies.

  108. I think this list was wrong!
    only Jokwon, Ryeowook and Key.. i think has a factor to be gay.
    When comes to others that not in list, I feel something for Jungmin of SS501 and Taemin of SHINee..
    GD was not gay, only because he has over acted fashion statement.
    and i strongly disagree on Seungri.. he’s a totally player, he has a rumor scandal on sex with a girl and has a picture while sleeping in a motel.
    im a blackjack, elf and vip fan.

  109. i know everybody thinks that a lot of members in Super Junior are gay but honestly i never felt suspicious about them except for : Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.
    these 2, there is definitely something strange going on between them.
    i noticed that Ryeowook always hugs the other members but never Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun gets very shy around Ryeowook. And the way they look at each other sometimes… I don’t know, maybe i’m just wrong but generally i’m a pretty good observer.

  110. They’re probably not gay

  111. Guys, I think you’re just thinking too much about this. And you guys should know that all of them have ex girlfriends. That’s mean they dated before before debut or whatsoever. You guys shouldn’t really jump into conclusions. And for Heechul, he’s not gay. I’m an ELF for 5 years so I know Super Junior very well. Heechul does that for fan service. His action are just to pleased the fans. And he takes it as a joke. It didn’t mean anything at all. For Leeteuk, he’s just being himself. You can’t judge people without knowing anything and accused them anyhow. He may look soft but when he’s angry, he can be quite scary too. Sure, Sungmin has an obsession of the colour pink. It’s normal. Even the manliest man in this world can like the colour pink. Theres nothing wrong with that. Sungmin even learned martial art. He’s quite strong and manly. When it’s come to Ryeowook. Is there anything wrong for being fragile, soft and a person who cries easily? No. I don’t think so. If he were to born or raised up like that, you can’t really blame him, am I right? Yes, he likes to cook. Who cares. There are mostly more chef guys than girls. And even if their actions look gay like kissing, hugging or whatsoever, it’s all for fan service. Super Junior is really popular with their fan service. And Key also. He isn’t gay. He’s just being a diva just like Heechul. Maybe korea cultures are like that. Being touchy and all that. So, please don’t judge by their appearence. I’m sorry if I hurt some other people feelings here. I’m just speaking up my opinions.

  112. Boy- the comments on this thread proof why Asia is still a backward place for LGBT movement. You think Asia more tolerant for LGBT? No, based on my observation.
    When you actually deal or confront big issue like LGBT, you get polarized people- there are sides. This is why western nations have became so polarized- you have staunch antis and pros.

    Asian nations on the other hand- still don’t confront this LGBT issue. This is why people are not taking sides and allow more skinship to show in their culture- it’s not exactly an issue that’s important enough to be in people’s mind. But this also means homophobes are free to roam and LGBT is seen as strabge creature from the space. You can smell it on this thread- tons of asians being closeted homophobes and sadly enough- thought nothing about this.

    One day, maybe decades from the beginning of this millenium, the LGBT issue would be very big and explode too in many asian countries. This is when you see them become the way western nations today. Just wait and see. That’s the moment when these asian nations see their people polarize into staunch antis and pros. For now though, it’s still a sleeping monster under the bed- with lots of people with internalized homophobias roam free in the streets, spewing hatreds they don’t realize as hatred(because, again, it’s something that’s “alright” to say in their society) and especially for fangirls&fanboys, keep boxing their idols in gay/straight boxes.

    So long, my two cents.

    • IKR, so sad seeing the comments. I’m an ally, with a working gaydar as well (im surprised myself), anyone who says jo kwon and key are straight are delusional.

      jaejoong, heechul, sungjong are gay
      i don’t care if they get wives and have babies, really don’t care. they are what they are. it’s not an insult, nor is it degrading at all.
      im asian and so annoyed with the comments.

  113. If the gay community, who knows better than you, is noticing something familiar about Ryeowook, maybe you should be quiet and listen to them. How goddamn homophobic are you that you refuse to accept that the very, very likely reality that Ryeowook is gay (and forced into the closet by people like you). You’re a shit fan if you can’t fully accept him no matter what. If he’s straight, great. If he’s gay, great. But the latter is more likely. He can say he wants a gf until the cows come home. No one believes him except the delusional fangirls. This is like the Joey Graceffa thing (YouTuber, Google him). There were rumors of him being gay and his teenage fangirls INSISTED that, no, he was totally straight. He just ACTED feminine. Joey came out last May. So, sweet summer child, if the gays are noticing something, fucking pay attention. – a gay person who’s never been wrong about this sort of thing, like, ever.

  114. omg, the arrogance of the last comment lol stop with the gay-radar thing. I have many gay friends and they got things wrong numerous times. That comment seems to have been written by someone who already has his own idea on the subject and refuse to see it otherwise.
    As someone who ACTUALLY FOLLOWED RYEOWOOK these last 10 years i have seen him get very shy around women, sometimes flirty as well and a lot of times i have seen him look at some generous butts on fancams when he was not supposed to be seen xD Ryeowook is feminine indeed and whoever followed him knows that he is not very comfortable with his body because he doesn’t have great proportions so he lacks of confidence around women. Plus he was rejected once and got traumatized somehow. I wouldn’t care if he was gay though and i happened to ship him with one of his members but nope sorry, he is not.

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