Fanboys are on the rise

September 20, 2009

In the early 2000s boybands have dominated the Kpop scene because fans were compose more of women than men. At the time, popularity of boy groups depend highly on their most beautiful member. DBSK has Jaejoong, Suju has Heechul, Kibum and Siwon, SS501 has Hyun Joong and so on and so forth. Majority if not all the fans of these groups are girls who dreams of ending up with these boys. Each thinking that it’s their destiny to marry an idol. Maybe that’s why they’re so crazy.

But today, male fans have been creeping up. And like their female counterpart, these fanboys also have dreams of hooking up with a female idol. Kara, SNSD, Wonder Girls? They even know the choreography by heart. I’m actually afraid for these guys. Actually, Wonder Girls is ok I think. Wonder Girls’ choreography is not gender-biased unlike SNSD, Kara, T-ara and Brown Eyed Girls. 2NE1 and 4minute is also ok I guess.

If these guys are in the US and people knew that they are fans of these women and dancing to their songs, their sexuality would be questioned. Seriously, the definition of a guy outside Korea is either a military kinda guy, a mysterious one, and the business type kinda guys. There’s no Jo Kwon, Leeteuk, or Heechul in America that are considered straight. People would call them homosexual at the start. But well, Korea is really such a wonder. How many of them are actually straight?

I found some fanboys who danced to girl groups’ songs, some of them does seem straight but some seems to be coming out of their closet. Anyway, here are the vids:

Kara – Pretty Girl

SNSD – Gee

Kara – Mister

Kara – Wanna, SNSD – Genie, Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra



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