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T-ara’s somewhat hot debut performance

July 30, 2009

T-ara finally performs their debut single, ‘Wanna Play’, today in M Countdown. The performance was just okay for me. Nothing really that great. I was quite disappointed actually. I might have expected too much in the battle of the girl bands thing. Kara’s comeback song was different than I thought and now T-ara’s debut is not as hot as I expected. They should have at least sang live. Well, at least I think they’re lipsynching. It’s either that or they are really awesome vocally in outdoor performance. Here’s their debut performance in M Countdown.

I’ll give them some slack since it’s their first performance and also they did it in M Countdown. We all know how lacking the equipment on that show are. Maybe they’ll impress me tomorrow. 4minute did change my opinion on them when they performed their song in other music programs.